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  1. sorry i'm late to class as i look on this pic i am reminded of a line that gets repeated often in the plans/instructions from Jim Michalak MARK CENTER LINES BOLDLY this procedure allows builders to keep track of the effects of their work on an assembly i have placed a sheet rock screw dead center on the bow/stem and stern/transom of builds since reading this instruction and it aids in seeing and measuring the "squareness" of a hull as it progresses there is a slot in the tips of tapemeasures that hooks conveniently over the screw head(centered) that can be used for measuring diagonals for pointy bow'd vessels measuring diagonals emanate from dead center fwd going to the aft corners on prams the diagonals can be measured in both directions keeping a string line/center line aids in casual monitoring WEEZER, Great beginning now onward thru the thread sw
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