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    240 ping pong balls for $22 on amazon. Who knew?
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    I never have. Sounds like a lot of work but i havent used brightsides just 2 part poly devoe and awlgrip.
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    Ken, For nine years I putzed around in my garage building my Bluejacket 25.5. Unable to step back and obtain a panoramic view of my progress, my sense of achievement was limited to completing a task on the build. There was no immediate feedback on how that task interacted with the boat in its entirety. On the bad days on the job, it sure would have been a morale builder to put my tools down, step back and see the boat in its entirety as it was coming together. Last year I pulled the boat out of the garage and for the first time I saw a whole boat. No words can describe my excitement and sense of accomplishment. I know exactly how you felt on the day your boat emerged from her cocoon. You have much to be proud of! Henry Hassell (Bluejacket 28) advised me to paint my boat a camouflage color. I asked why since I’m not a duck hunter. He said because your boat will attract much attention and sometimes it gets too much. You will learn that Henry is right. We look forward to seeing pictures of Rosie romping at sea and you and Luanne docking at the Fairmont Empress Hotel, Victoria for high tea. All the best, Dave

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