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    My dad, who was an accountant, always told me to "check and double check" my homework. To this day, I try to check over what I write before posting it, but, after posting I'll go back and read it and almost always find a misspelled word, word not capitalized that should be, bad grammar, or... So I edit it, check it, and re-post it. Then when I look it over again, guess what! And this is WITH spell checker. I just don't understand it cawse I alwaze spel gud, and mever nake misteaks.
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    I am with Dave on this. It just sounds like a disaster looking for a place to happen. You only need one sheet of 5x5 plywood and the cost is under $50 typically. I realize many of us have more time then we have money but it's not worth risking you live over $50.

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