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    Carter- We are in San Diego and are planning to spend most of our vacation time here. When we left BC the weather was getting wetter and colder and the sun and light here make it hard to go home. I put boat building out of my mind for a few weeks and now I find myself thinking about what I will do next when we get back home. It may be awhile, however, since we having a great time down here. Didn’t pass anywhere near Utah on this trip. If you make it to Seattle let me know and I can advise you on the best way to get to Salt Spring Island. Been wondering how your healing has gone. Back on the OB20 yet? Pics? I took some pics of ROSIE the day before I took off. It was a gray drizzling day so the pic quality is not great. She looks a bit like a mangy dog without the nonskid on the deck. Should be able to cure that pretty quickly. Got more paint and varnish work done, stainless rub rails, mocked up steering station and seating. The sliding PH windows, ports and windshield are in place. I made some HERESHOFF inspired windows for the aft PH bulkhead. Pretty happy with them. They allow for easy ventilation and are quite simple. I am starting to think about a radar/antenna/masthead light mount for the PH roof. Anybody in the brain trust have ideas?? My brain is maxed out so any help appreciated. Only 6,421 details to go! Cheers, Ken

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