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    Spent some time working on the boat this weekend. I have a blank of straight grain Doug fir glued up for the stem pieces.Going to rough cut the stem pieces and see if it "relaxes" some before the finish cut. Took the transom out of the vacuum bag shaped it and beveled the edges (did a ton of research and emailed graham and decided to make the transom notch now ) . Pretty happy on how that came out. Spun the boat around and re-leveled the frame in the garage. The available length is tight in the garage so I figured needed more room to work the bow than transom. You can see in the pic I use a laser to level the frame and some furniture leveling feet at the frame for floor adjustment (I am nuts about level,square and plumb when I build something). Surprisingly the frame doesn't move when you lean against it.Its been my first time working w/ epoxy doing the transom lamination's and the stem glue up.Got to learn not to be wasteful in that department. Humidity was 92% here in the northeast this weekend which is really uncomfortable and my best friend is bug spray from those pesky mosquitoes working late afternoons in the garage.

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