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  1. There are about 40 sub genius of mahogany, so it easy to see how it gets misrepresented. There are only a handful of these in the common marketplace and all have some particularities about them, which once recognized, makes it easy to identify. Red Shora (lauan/meranti) is often called Philippine mahogany and it does look somewhat like mahogany, but if you know the difference, it's an easy pick. The one thing to look for is the coarseness of the grain and the silica content, which reflects and changes the color of the grain as you eye passes over it. This is one of the things I like about real mahogany and it's ruined if you stain the wood, which is why I use a lot of natural finished mahogany.
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  2. Welcome to the PS26 plans owners' club. The more the merrier. Build is going verrrrry slowly.
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