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  2. Try making the cheeks that attach to rudder a little thicker and taper them forwards to keep the same contour as the tiller is now, that will strengthen the weak point at which it broke and still have the slim handle.
  3. Joe, I checked it out and the centerboard is a bit too wide . You could take a 5/8" slice out of the mold and glue it back together or we can just cut another one out. I will be cutting a centerboard mold, you can borrow that one.
  4. Around 2005 or 07 I got the plans for Core Sound 17, Hull 147. I lofted, sew and glued the basic hull using Meranti plywood. It has been in my garage since then. In 2007 I took additional administrative duties at my university (Florida International University, Miami) and did not have the time to finish it. It takes up a lot of garage space. I offer it to anyone interested in completing it. It will come with fresh (not used) meranti plywood and other parts that were destine for the Core Sound-17. The cost would be to pick it up (along with its stands) from South Miami, FL. It would need a trailer or truck long enough for a 17 foot boat. There is alot of boat to finish. The meranti wood comes with a Loyds of London insurance. Please contact me, John Makemson, 5825 SW 64th Ave, South Miami, FL, 33143 or makemson@bellsouth.net.
  5. Hi Guys- I installed the SOLAS RUBEX 4 - 13.25x13 yesterday. I was hoping for better results. The engine RPM’s were higher for the same speed and it didn’t seem as smooth. It must be a bit undersized since I get a WOT RPM of 6100 which is over the high end of 6,000 for the engine specs. Speeds are lower and fuel consumption is not much different. It does seem like there is a slight improvement in stern lift. Not sure is I should consider the 3 blade the best fit, keep the RUBEX for a spare and move on or try something else. All speeds and distances are in knots and nautical mpg. To lazy to do the conversions today.... Ken
  6. Welcome Mark, I think you made a good choice! The MK3 series are fantastic boats, and the kits give an advantage because of their incredible accuracy. Hope you enjoy the build.
  7. Welcome, Mark! We're anxiously waiting to follow along with you on your build.
  8. Welcome to the forum; looking forward to seeing some build pictures.
  9. I think that will work well. Look for tight straight grain.
  10. Home Depot has some select pine from New Zealand. Okay to use for the tiller? It's called Claymark Select Pine.
  11. We had 4 guys in the boat---so a fair amount of weight. Moderate wind. We were going against the wind. Tiller broke during a gust. At the time, there didn't seem that there was a lot of pressure on the tiller.
  12. Welcome! I've upgraded your membership to Supporting Member status. You shouldn't see any ads for the next year, and can create Galleries or Clubs from the tabs at the top of the page. People love to follow a build thread so when you get started go ahead and start one for your boat. Thanks for joining!
  13. Hello my name is mark rendelman and I just purchased a core sound 20 my 3 this week I am looking forward to building this kit boat and I am sure that in the coming months I will have many, many questions.Hope to here from anyone who’s out there on any advice that can be offered. I will be posting pics on the progress of the build.I was going to build from plans but after receiving the templates chose to go with the kit less the solid wood parts. This choice was for time reasons not complexity of the job.
  14. i have cs 17 -280 in south fl available 215 852 2343 george
  15. Yesterday
  16. HELP! Somewhere in a post I saw a large inspection hatch or deck hatch. It was maybe 12"~18" round, flip up (?). I think it was black. It was not originally a marine hatch, but came from a local source like Lowes(?). Any of you know what it was, or where to get it?
  17. She’s loaded up, and ready for our trip to Michigan.
  18. A little more progress on the Oc 20. Gunwhales have been fixed and are close to being ready to glass. Need a little more sanding on those rounded edges with a profiled block maybe, just not quite happy with them yet. Have installed rub rails which i am hoping to glass with the gunwhales one time and will be painted with a stainless rail. Finished out the shape of the bench forward and made some hatches. The hatches on the transom for fish box and bait well are gonna go i think as i do not like them. Have the console roughed out and kinda ready for glass. Also have fixed the swim deck down and am ready to get that all glassed out and into primer. Got a price on a custom gas tank and had to pick myself up of the floor, guess that will be next
  19. Thanks for the pictures. I am in the process of getting a roof rack. As Jeff pointed out, safety is paramount. Your Ravenwood looks beautiful.
  20. We had a very successful albeit HOT capsize camp on Saturday Here is the proof I mean footage!!! An enormous thanks to Will and Rob for bringing there really nice CS-17 and offering themselves up to the camera and spectators! They did an amazing job, no boats or humans were damaged and everyone learned a lot. Thanks also to Nick for the extra video footage, Rob for coming out and taking our Spindrift 12 for a much needed spin, Tana (the main camera woman), Dawn and Taylor for being our "rescue swimmers" slash "I'm going to cool off in the water now" spectators and Dejah and Zoey for moral support aboard Southbound the camera boat. We will have info up soon on the mast head float and how you can get one. We will be offering them as easy to put together kits which will pop right onto any existing Core Sound boat's mast.
  21. Last week
  22. A friend looked at it and thought it might be teak wood. Maybe not the right choice? Anyway, thank you guys for the help. Thanks also to Alan at B and B who replied to my email and offered more help come Monday. Nice to have a boat that has such good people behind it.
  23. Here is the current photos of the Mathew Flinders, we have been working intermittently for about 3 weeks, all the bulkheads are fileted and taped into place, the head bulkheads are just sitting in place (well almost in place!). A very gentlemanly way to build a boat, standing on the outside reaching in! The “rollbar” is part of the building jig, the inner skin of the cabin will sit on top of the jig, so at 6’3” I have an incredible amount of headroom. To show scale, Carol is standing in the galley.
  24. The tiller should not have failed under those circumstances. Perhaps it had been previously damaged or the wood is punk.
  25. We had 4 guys in the boat---so a fair amount of weight. Moderate wind. We were going against the wind. Tiller broke during a gust. At the time, there didn't seem that there was a lot of pressure on the tiller.
  26. Ken that's just too cool. You surely defied the odds while creating a fine craft to enjoy for years. Egbert I have not had to create any trip tracks or tried to do it. Hopefully the trip on the bay region will also be mostly poking around in the creeks and tributaries and done on the fly, where its not really needed. .
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