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  2. Pete, I have an 11N with the zippered sleeve luff. I love the performance of that little boat, so if your main use will be as a hot rod little sailboat, it's pretty stable platform. I wouldn't build the nesting version, unless you have a storage issue. I think the reality is that a trailer is the way to go. As light as I built my 11n, getting up on the top of the car is a two person job. A second problem is that the boom is really long and it sort of defeats the purpose of having the collapsible mast. Also, I use the boat in a different way than it was designed for so I don't blame the design. I often fish or motor, which it really does well. But you are forced to leave the sail at home if rowing, as the rig doesn't scandalize well. It's a lot of sail and getting the sail up isn't super quick. I am thinking about making a little balanced lug or the sprit rig of the cats-paw sail for it. Performance wouldn't be as good, but dousing it all alongside me for some rowing/fishing would be easier. I strongly suggest you wait to sail one at the messabout before you make a decision. Steve
  3. Drilling the holes for the bow-eye got me thinking about putting in a drain plug at the transom. Any advice of tips? I'm thinking an inch off the aft sole on centerline in the transom. I'm thinking about installing it towards the end of the build, after the hull is glassed. I'll reference the link Alan posted above. Also, talk to me about flotation for the port and starboard compartments. I know I don't want pour-in foam and think board foam may be best. A breather, like this https://www.amazon.com/Benjamin-Obdyke-CBNI-Underlayment-Breather/dp/B007DJ3JQS could surround the compartment. I need advice.
  4. Oh, I see! Yes, I'm finding that out now. Thank you for the clarification! Much appreciated.
  5. I just ordered Jeff’s book Fuselage Frame Boats, and am looking at possibly building the Poco Barta. I wanted to build the Vardo originally, but I love the rounded bow and fantail stern of the Curlew and Poco Barta. I was curious as to the stability factor for Poco Barta, and any other info you guys may have. I know it’s not a common build, but I may just tackle it for that reason alone. Thanks!
  6. I just need a simple 8 foot or 9 foot wooden dinghy. It does not have to be a beauty queen. No sails or set up for sails is needed. It will be a stinkpot to carry a dog. Eastern North Carolina location preferred ...
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  8. Very nice looking boat on your video! What type of paint did you use on the hull sides and what color is it?
  9. Congratulations Steve. I love your video. Looks like Helen loves sailing and is good at it. She has the instinct to jump up on the rail when Dad heals the boat. I also like your paint scheme. Surprisingly different from other Mk3s. Thanks for sharing your build. Enjoy the sail.
  10. I don't use a shackle, I tie a bowline each time. But I use the end away from the mast to tie to the head of the sail. This keeps the halyard close against the mast in use. When you say you have binding, do you mean excess halyard tension trying to raise the sail? That is often the cars or lugs on the luff of the sail binding
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  12. Mark, the centerboard is the tool that helps ya go upwind. Not sure why you want it bright, the only time I see mine is maybe once a year when I drop it for a visual inspection. ( I use it to pinstripe the Gulf of Mexico ).
  13. This is probably a stupid question, but which way should the halyard be run throught the block at the top of the mast? A. Shackle attached to the head of the sail runs on the inside of the block--closest to the mast. B. Shackle attached on the head of the sail runs on the outside of the block --away from the mast. I've been having a some trouble with binding so maybe I'm creating tension somewhere. Up to now, I've had the halyard shackle go on the outside ---away from the mast.
  14. Well, I use topping lifts, so convenient when we reef, just harden the topping lift, let the halyard drop to the marks on the halyard then pull the reefing lines, release the topping lift, then tidy up the sail as you wish. Prevents the sail gathering in the cockpit while you reef without the topping lift holding the sprit up. When we trailer, I pull the sprits to the top of the mast with the topping lifts, then pull the snotter tight to hold the sprit parallel the masts. Once the masts are lowered and in their crutches, a couple pieces of foam pipe insulation prevents chafe with several bungee cords. We trailer with the sprits in place, and use the sailcovers to keep the sails protected in the cabin. All the reefing lines remain on the sprits or mast, and a full length cover over the masts and sprits help prevent the reefing lines from becoming a macrame class.
  15. Thanks, guys. Good information, lots to think about. Plenty of time. Might try some small boats at the next MessAbout.
  16. Thanks, Yo. I HAVE been doing boat stuff, too. Keeping the small, well used boats in fighting form takes time away from jumbo. Haha. And, I keep scribbling... Peace, Punt Painter (Yes, the grey pic IS upside down...)
  17. Check out http://gentrycustomboats.com/Home.html There are a couple designs that might work
  18. Thanks riggs. Yes all my pervious fiberglass ventures have been dry method, but always open to ideas..
  19. I think if I sailed a Spindrift as my primary I would go with track/cars or slot/lugs as they are the easiest and quickest way to take down the sail while on the water in wind. I have the luff sleeve (short enough for one reef) on my 9. I would take the mast down with the sail still on from the stern of my Renegade and the dinghy docks while cruising. In light winds some times from in the boat. I would switch if I used the boat much.
  20. Pete, I love sailing my Spindrift 10. I almost always raise and lower the sail standing in knee deep water. I have lowered the sail from the boat standing just forward of the thwart or sitting just forward of the thwart and reaching up to unzip the luff but I find this pretty awkward. If I was landing at a dock I think I would raise and lower the sail while seated on the dock with my feet dangling in the boat. To be perfectly honest if I was downsizing from a CS20 MK3 I think I would give serious consideration to something like the Bay River 15. I have never sailed the 15 but I like the way Don Silsbe uses his. If you come to the Mess-about I would give his boat a close look. I love the Spindrift because it is so responsive, but with that come a certain tenderness. The 15 is roomier, more stable, and has more rigging options.
  21. Very cool Mr. Action Tiger. Always enjoy your posts.
  22. As far as the non-skid, I only applied it on the cabin top and cockpit sole. I have found when I get up in the morning, the seat tops are slick from dew and quite slippery, but I am not going to apply non skid there as it would catch on peoples clothing. I just wipe them down in the morning with a sponge. You may want some non-skid on whatever you step on to get down into the cabin. I plan to apply some on my step. As far as supporting the sprit, this what Mr. Graham posted about a year ago : "I cannot tell a lie, I have been using lifts on Carlita. Rather than rig special topping lifts, I already have enough clutter, I have been using the mizzen staysail halyard for the mizzen lift. On the main I am using about 4' of 5/32" line with a small S-hook at the bottom attached to the forward side of the mizzen mast at the right height so that I can slip the S-hook thru an eye at the aft end of the main sprit. The main lift tends to be self centering and stays put when I tighten the main sheet. If the mizzen starts to dance around at anchor I run a line thru the spinnaker block on top of the coaming aft over to the sprit. This triangulates with the lift and mizzen sheet and the system is rock solid. If it got bad enough to bother the main sprit I could do something like I do with the mizzen."
  23. Finish it bright? I'd get the shape right before I worried how it looks.....
  24. I slathered mine with epoxy w/carbon dust filler and finished with 400 grit. No one will ever see it after installation, not even you. You might reconsider fairing and doing the same.
  25. That's a very nice photo of your boat. Beautiful! Any craftsman should be proud such an achievement. The bottom paint forms a nice waterline. Maybe you don't need a boot? If you ever paint one on, IMO keep the color low key. I really like the combination that you now have.
  26. Well I just finished the center board and iam not really happy how it turned out, the problem is that the contour on one side is real close to the drawing profile, BUT the other side is a little flat through the center, since I will be finishing it bright, faring compound is out of the question I could build it up with glass when I glass the whole center board.My question is what will happen ito the performance of the boat if I just leave it alone , iam just going to sail for pleasure. This is an edit to the original post when I said it’s flat on one side it’s also undersized to the cross section.
  27. How do you like that seat? Have you paddled it with and without the seat, is there much difference in felt stability?
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