Raka Epoxy Kits

Raka epoxies have a proven track record showing excellent performance for marine and shop use. The strength characteristics, water resistance and the low viscosity are excellent for working with wood and fiberglass. 

All Raka Epoxies are 100 % solids with no evaporating solvents and have low viscosity for superb penetration and wetting out of wood and fiberglass.

The Raka basic marine epoxy resin 127 is a standard resin with a low viscosity of 600 centipoise, very little smell and excellent wetting out and clear coating properties. The standard 2 to 1 mix hardeners, slow, medium and fast, are designed to be mixed by volume. This is easier than weighing the resin. 

The slow hardener is very slow (pot life of a 3 oz. mass at 77 F is more than 25 minutes). Working cure strength, using slow hardener, will take about 24 to 48 hours at approx. 77 F. 606 hardener should be used in temperatures above 60 F.

The fast hardener is very fast (pot life of a 3 oz. mass at 77 F is less than 8 minutes). Working cure strength for most applications, using fast hardener, is achieved in 6 to 12 hours at approx. 77 F.

Warmer temperatures will give better results, but by using the fast hardener its possible to work in temperatures as low as 50 F. and get a hard cure. Full working strength will not be achieved though unless the epoxy has a period of at least 24 hours above 50 degrees.

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