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An other OC20 build !!

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Hi Chris, this month was too busy at my work, just had only a few time to spare for the boat  :( . Hope next month will find time to glue in and shape the foam on the other side .


BTW your 20 is getting nice. I lice the way you covered the inside. She looks much more neath ! 

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Thanks smccormick !


Changing plans at stern to accommodate 2 outboards mounted on transom . Main motor  + auxiliary .


On Piranha ( Marissa 18 ) I used an external , height adjustable bracket for the auxiliary motor but these type of brackets put the motor and its weight about a foot further out from the transom that made a huge difference in boat behavior 


At starboard there will be space for 2 batteries for weight distribution






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It's the first time I'm using this foam , so can't realy answer your question Chick . I was thinking of 2 coats with 20oz cloth will do , but I will test this as I go along . Think hollow constructions mast be glasses from all sides.


May be some one more experienced will help us with these good questions !!   :)  :)

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