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Pete McCrary

Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

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Chessie's electric panel has been fabricated in final form and dry fitted onto Blk 3.



Notice the 6 holes just under the solar panel controller.  The controller is surface mounted -- and 3 pairs of +/- wires must come from behind the electric panel and into the lower side of the controller.  Four of the wires come with the solar panel and are heavy-duty and (with insulation) are 1/4" diameter, with a +/- pair from the solar panel & a +/- pair to the battery.  The installer provides the 3rd pair to the backside of the electric panel (+ to the switch and - to the common strip).



There's easy access to the rear of the panel.  The wiring will enter/exit at the lower corners.  Their flexing (opening / closing) will be mostly a twisting motion.



The switch is easily reached from the cockpit.  The panel is released for access [to its backside] by backing out the bronze OHWS near the top.


The next step is to disassemble the panel and remove the electronics so tha the wood parts may be prepared for priming and paint (probably white).  The edge piece near the companionway's frame will be finished bright.  After that, all electrical fixtures and outlets will be mounted and the whole thing wired together.


Then I'll tackle construction of "Catnip" and the reboarding ladder.

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Pete, as usual, stellar work. After spending way too much time on Jazz Hands' electrical system, I am reminded of why I like my Sea Pearls flashlight and AA fueled GPS! But someday when we are hunkered down snug in our own cabins, listening to the sounds of the water slapping Okume plywood, safe with the glow of an anchor light that works, it will all be worth it. 


Happy New Year!

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