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Introducing MalwareBytes 3.0 (affiliate link)

OB 24 #2

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Kennneee    9

Russell- THANKS for posting pics of your build!  It looks great and it is really helpful for me to see how you have done things.  Keep up the good work and inspiration for me to get to the next step.

I believe the 16mb is a limit of the size of any one set of pics per post.  I don't think any of my days would be complete without spending at least an hour messing around with computer stuff that doesn't work.  Now, up to my shop with some good carrots to keep me moving.



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smccormick    18

Thanks for posting photos.  Your build is coming along nicely.


There may be a pixel width and height restriction as well.  When I rotate a photo 90°, I sometimes run up against this on other sites.

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