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Paul, I am inspired by your pictures.  I am getting ready to order paint.  Can you tell me more specifics about the type you used for the interior and bottom?  Did you use Total Boat 2part epoxy primer or the TotalBoat topside primer (one part).....


Another question if you don't mind...

I read somewhere that solid stock parts such as the tiller don't should not be epoxy coated, but just varnished with several coats.  What about rub rails, center thwart, and other pieces that are not plywood?  Epoxy or not?  I can't remember where I read about that.

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Hey, Batman,


I used Total Boat one-part urethane on the blue and white areas.  I was very happy with the result.  I used two (sometimes more) coats of primer and two (sometimes more) coats of final.  I sanded lightly between coats.  By lightly sanded, I mean sanded by hand with 220 or 320 on a block or simply folded.  I did NOT wipe the primer with xylene, as suggested, because I found it took the primer right off. 

I know a lot of folks have used the two-part, but neither my skills nor time availability seemed up to mixing batches of use-or-lose two part.  In the cockpit, I finished off floor areas with one coat of Total Boat non-skid on top of the TB color coat (again lightly sanded).  I was very happy with that result.


I epoxied the dimension lumber before varnishing.  Part of that is habit from previous boats, part is belt and suspenders.  I might be inclined to skip the epoxy the "next" time, based on comments on this board from others with more experience.  I have always felt, tho, that the epoxy gives me a nice base to varnish.  Works for me.  

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