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Building the Mess About

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Another question, should the bow and stern be made of plywood or would it be OK to use a solid wood ?


Plywood is more stable in size and shape when exposed to moisture.  But solid wood would work.  


And here is my fix.

Cut the frame out beside the keel and put a scab across, glued and clamped. ????


That looks like it will work.

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Another Boo-Boo...For some reason I thought frame 6'6" should be cut out at the top, how wrong I was, am.

As I was bending the Keel in place I heard a crack, stopping, everything looked OK. Upon further inspection I saw that I had broken the frame.

Maybe I should have followed the planes ???

I will have to get more stitching lace, maybe I can find some around here ?   Now where is my Beer ?



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Getting things in shape, sanding outside today (nice weather today). With all the woodworking I've haven't used a rasp that much, it's a great tool. Live and learn.

I moved the second frame, from stern, to have more room for 'fishing stuff',

I attached the stringers to the bow and stern with wood dowels instead of lashing them.

Bow and stern are 3/4" pine with 5 dowels going  from top stringer through the bottom.

Thinking about the floor boards now, I have some very light 1/4" (some type of wood) and will fit it in soon. Mom wants the boat out of the house SOON. OK OK

Put some extra supports for the floor. the total frame now weights 18 lbs.




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The Day with the Needle.........

Today is nice in the 40 . I had to take It outside to hot trim the nylon....smell.

Got it ruff trimmed and will now start sewing...now where is that needle ?



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Thanks Paul and Sparrow...the design has been changed a number of times....I hope it floats.

It's a nice day today, so I've been working in the garden, must get those tomatoes out.


Happy weekend. From Kentucky you have Dwight here.

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