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Spindrift 11n build in process

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Will they have any play in them after they're bolted tight? Will they still be water proof once you cinch them down nice and tight?


I think the easiest way to keep a nesting boat dry is to play a gasket between the hulls. I think Chesapeak Light Craft uses a big piece of rubber on an entire external bulkhead. I'm planning on just using three pieces of bicycle tire inner tube glued on the outside of the forward bulkheads three lower mounting holes. Just need to be careful not to drag the bulkhead along the ground and pulling the gaskets off. I used a rubber gasket between the two hulls on the lowest mounting bolt and it didn't let a drop of water in.




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21 minutes ago, roam said:

Congrats, that's a major milestone. It took me 5 months to reach that point and I was building from a kit.


Thanx for the good word Roam. I am trying to hurry as the sunny good hot days are going to end soon here in Greece and I won't be able to work on the epoxy so to be protected from the elements  (I built her outdoors).  I have spent around 110 hours in almost 2 months. Even though I had to do a couple of things twice, it's still a lot of time so far I think. Do you have any photos of your Spindrift you built that I can see? Thank you again.



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My build log is in this thread :


I've still got a few things to do on my boat like putting non slip paint down, making my improvised seats more comfortable, and setting up the reefing for the sail which I hope to get done over the winter.  I'm also thinking of ways of making the boat more suitable for camping which would involve making new seats.





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