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Jim Stumpf

Cockpit canvas camper CS 17

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Flaps on the deck should keep most critters out on the top side, anything that crawls or flies under the thwart will be able to enter via the gaps in the sleeping deck. The gaps are relatively tight, just enough for drainage, so it is my hope that a sleeping pad on the sleeping boards and the small access will be enough. I suppose some no see um mesh could be added to the bottom of the sleeping boards if it proves to be a problem.


Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement.



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Nice job!  Not sure when I'll start mine, as I have a flooring job to do here first .  But the skeeters will be kept off my hide by making a separate bug bivy inside my tent.  There'll be way too many little cracks for those pesky critters to get through in my tent.  

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