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Chick Ludwig

Turtler's Spring outing on Lake Keowee.

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   In case some of y'all are beginning to get cabin fever, I thought I'd wet your appetite for Spring. Come along with us as we take a short cruise on one of our purty mountain---well, actually, foothills, lakes.

   Turtler has been fussing at me to take miss Debbie for a little outing. (Actually, I think it's just that he wanted to go, but used Miss Debbie as an excuse.) Monday was a warm, non-rainy day, so we took a ride down to Fall Creek landing on Lake Keowee, South Carolina. Nothing much to write about, but I'll just post a few pictures. Miss Debbie wonders how so many folks can afford those big, mansion-like houses, some more like castles. Turtler is jealous of the covered boat docks where the boats live in the water and can go out and play whenever they want.


Many beautiful homes.







Miss Debbie enjoying the ride.



Looking for turtles in this cove, but they haven't emerged from their winter naps.





you can look all the way through the "tunnel".



The islands and shore are slowly eroding away. I wonder how long it will take to fill the lake?



This is how to navigate the lake. The islands are numbered. If you have a lake chart, you can find your way around.



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