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CS 17 #191 build

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It has been a while since I last posted. I have been working on the boat. It just hasn't been very photogenic (I've been sanding!) Here are some highlights of the last couple months.


I really like the side deck braces with the little holes. I expect they will be very handy for tying fenders, etc. So I added two more on each side.



After lots of sanding I got the boat primed, inside and out. The deck will be Kiwi Grip and the floor will be closed-cell pad.



To move it around the shop I put the cradle on wheels. Easier to move but more difficult to climb inside.



Withe some help from my son and his wife I steam-bent wood for the coaming. It worked out well. I am doing the coaming in two layers, each ~1/4" thick. I steamed the wood for 20 minutes and used a steel bending strap on the outside of the bend. I do not know for certain what species of wood I'm using. It has been stashed for many years and it is beautiful stuff. Some think it is walnut but it doesn't pass the scratch and sniff test.



As of yesterday I believe I am finished with spraying the finish coats on the inside. I'll know for certain when I go to the shop this AM. Still have some roller and brush work to get to the places I can't do well with the spray gun. I'm using System Three WR-LPU Bainbridge White (actually very light grey, but looks a little greenish under the fluorescent shop lights) in a HVLP gun.



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The spray job is looking great.I wish I had the confidence to spray the finish, it comes out so much nicer.

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Unfortunately I didn't get to the messabout this year, but I have been making lots of progress. 


I got the outside painted. System Three WR-LPU Bainbridge White, HVLP spray gun. I will wet-sand the outside (600, 800, 1500) and then will hit it with a buffer.



I put some 3/4 " stainless hollowback rub strips on the keel, 1/2" on the stem. Half inch was hard to find and more expensive than the 3/4". I bedded it in butyl tape, still not sure this was a great idea. I like butyl for mounting most hardware but I think I should have used something that cures harder.




Next up was flipping her and fitting my (used) trailer. I would have preferred a wider trailer but this was one that I had and it will work.




This week has been all about the coamings. I had previously steam-bent the inner and outer front pieces. Inner front piece went in first.




All three inner pieces glued in.




Now the three outer pieces all glued in. Used almost every clamp in the shop!




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Excellent work on the coaming. I couldn't get my head around that, so I squared off the corners.  Yours looks great.

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On shapes like this combing, I like to make a template. The best stuff I've found for this, particularly if using sheet goods (plywood, metal, etc.) is a product called "Ram Board" which is a cardboard material used to protect floors when doing a home remodel. It's available at most home improvement stores and isn't corrugated, but is "chipboard" which is the stuff you'll find on the back of a common notepad. It cuts easily and will act like plywood if bent around something. Bend it in, tack or staple lightly in place and trace the shape you want. Once traced, remove the temporary fasteners and unroll it flat. This is the shape, which often looks very odd, once flattened out. 

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