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  1. Carlita's new adventure

    I'm really impressed with Swimboy. He's been going hard without much rest through some really difficult conditions. I've attempted the EC solo and completed it with crew twice. Solo is a LOT harder by far. And to do it so well in terrible conditions is really something.
  2. Carlita's new adventure

    Doug Cameron reports Graham is withdrawing after pulling something in his back. You need to reset tracking on a Spot every 24 hours. Swimboy's seems to have stopped tracking just south of Cape Romano at 7 am. If he's doing OK, he should be nearing Indian Key Pass by now.
  3. CS 17 323 Launched

    David, I can sympathize with not wanting to build new ones after a long building process. I was fortunate with my boat that I had the yard and boom left over from my old Bolger Windsprint that I was able to cut down to make new longer sprits.
  4. CS 17 323 Launched

    David, I agree with the others who say your mizzen sprit is too short. I had to re-make mine a bit longer than the plans in order to get some room to allow adequate flattening. How long your sprits should be will depend upon how you rig the hardware for the snotter purchase. It would be best for new builders to build their sprits a little long until they finalize the rigging and then cut them to the right length. If you can pull your snotter rigging block-to-block, it's too short.
  5. Oar length

    I hope the sleeves work out well. I had some wooden kayak paddles with smaller versions of those same sleeves. Broke both them them on the same afternoon while surfing in the ocean. The little rabbet used to make them flush with the rest of the paddle created a stress riser and both snapped off cleanly at the collar.
  6. Official Watertribe EC/UFC 2016 event discussion.

    He was in the UFC. The events are scored separately.
  7. Oar length

    FWIW, I hate those oar socket with the nylon inserts. I've got Davis oarlock on my boat and I feel like there's too much give and twist with the plastic in the socket. Better to find some made from solid bronze with a properly machined hole. I like the ones on this page. http://www.barkleysoundoar.com/oarlock.htm#oarlock
  8. Oar length

    I've got 9'ers on my CS 17. They are fine, but 10'ers would be better.
  9. what about genakers?

    You can have plenty of fun under only plain sail on a CS17 as long as you've got some breeze. Downwind in light air is painful, though. Adding staysails and the like makes a huge difference when you've got 5 knots or less and you have to go downwind.
  10. what about genakers?

    Graham has very nice and simple running backstays on Carlita's mainmast. If I do a symmetrical spinnaker, I will copy his idea. On Bandaloop I run the staysail halyard back to a cleat under the rail on the windward side. It helps, but in in stronger winds it's best not to look up at the mizzen mast as it adopts some unnatural shapes. Out of sight, out of mind.
  11. what about genakers?

    Sailing downwind and broad reaching in really light airs, the more sail area you have, the more better. So yes, adding another big reaching/running sail out front on a long sprit where you can catch more air is going to be faster. What would be nice is if you could pull the sprit to windward to sail a bit deeper. I'm going to try a symmetrical spinnaker on my main for more power going deep. The mizzen staysail will remain the go-to reaching sail.
  12. Sailing by the lee

    Sailing with the mail by the lee is definitely the fastest way to go when the wind is between about 130 and 180 apparent. Big ease on the snotter helps too. My favorite point of sail is about 150 apparent with the main by the lee and the mizzen staysail up and pulling hard. Fast and fun.
  13. what about genakers?

    Here's Bandaloop under mizzen staysail a couple of weeks ago. It is a must-have sail, IMO.
  14. Looking for a used Core Sound 17

    Sent the original poster a PM.
  15. Modifications CS17

    My boat was built with no forward deck hatch. Access was through a large hatch in the forward bulkhead. I retrofitted a hatch into the foredeck. Not having an easy way to access the forepeak storage was awful. Do yourself a favor. Build the hatch.