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  1. CS 17

    Good luck with your build, and looking forward to following along.
  2. Ravenswood build and launch Pics

    That looks like a winner from here.
  3. Google+ users?

    I follow you on here Jeff. I have never been on facebook, or even heard of G+ until I read it here. Of course I don't text, or have an I - phone or whatever either. I hunt with a bows, paddle a canoe, and even ride a bicycle now and then. My Grandson thinks I am antiquated. He on the other hand is up to date on all that kind of stuff, however when I asked him to describe a sunrise, he gave a look and a tilt of the head that reminded me of my Labrador Retreiver when she is confused.
  4. Curlew build completed

    That is some nice work right there. Congratulations.
  5. Ravenswood and another Curlew

    Well Dave, you may not have a proper shop, you are however turning out proper work. Cudos on the Ravenswood also.
  6. Finished Castaway

    Congratulations, and nice work.
  7. Official launch/ It's a boat

    Sweet boat, congratulations on getting her on the water.
  8. My Marissa

    Congratulations, looks like a fine boat.
  9. Ravenswood and another Curlew

    That is some nice work right there. Looking forward to seeing more from your shop.
  10. Launch

    Congratulations PD, that looks really nice.
  11. Cotton-(??) is under construction

    That is looking really nice. How long before sea trials, looking to the on the water photos?
  12. T-shirt sizes

    Gotta say, I too like the kahki and the navy.
  13. My wife's Freebie 12

    Jeff is right on. Free B is a good marketing tool, and I reciprocated by purchasing my material and backband from him. This forum got me interested in the fuselage frame boats, and the free b plans got me drawing lines and cutting stock, and now that I have the book, there is no doubt that I will be back for more as time and money allow. My hope is our children and grandchildren will develop an interest. We can have building parties, and get the whole family on the water together, and maybe do some overnight river floats down the Chattahocee, and Coossa. I can dream can't I?
  14. Bird Mouth Shaft

    For stuff like that I use the tape to get everthing in place, then shrink wrap it. The rolls I use are around eight dollars at any of the big box stores last time I bought one. The glue doesn't adhere to the wrap, so it comes off easily. I use the technique often laminating all natural materials in my bow making endeavors. In this photo I was laminating two reflex deflex bows at once. You can see the roll of shrink wrap that is used by the blue cup. Pulling it tight three wraps, move over overlap three wraps and so forth applies pleanty of clamping pressure. In the photo the clamps are there just to induce the reflex and deflex, not for holding the laminates together, the shrink wrap is doing that. I use Urac 185, a gap filling glue made by Nelson Paints, it is water proof, and works well in boat building also.
  15. My wife's Freebie 12

    That is really nice Dave! Now we need the photo of you and your wife afloat with smiling faces, side by side (or bow to bow).