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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Belated! But if I never get her out of the basement I have a heck of a play house......
  2. Marissa # 63

    Really nice work. I am impressed with your focus!
  3. Spindrift 11n build in process

    The toothpick idea might work, but I know what will work really well. They sell foam sheets at arts and craft stores in different thicknesses. I scoured the house and found some in the kids art stuff. I "borrowed" a small sheet. You could also use a Styrofoam meat tray (old school) if you could find one. Make sure the thickness is greater than the saw kerf. What is ideal is if ther is no resistance to cutting and you can get longer strokes with your hand saw. Otherwise the saw will want to wander into the bulkheads. I think toothpicks are generally made of hardwood, so they would put up a bit of resistance. Take Care, Steve
  4. Rigging the Mizzen Sprit

    Drew, you folks that sail in our winter are the key to getting through it. That and skiing! Keep the images and videos coming.
  5. Spindrift 11n build in process

    I can't see your pictures. Since I built an 11N, I can't wait to see them.
  6. Tohatsu 3.5 hp longshaft . .

    I'm with Chick. I have had good luck with this web site https://www.pure-gas.org/ I also would add that on my Honda 2, there is a little drain screw on the fuel bowl that gets the last half teaspoon of gas out after you run it dry, which I do for really long term storage. I think draining the gas by running it out and then leaving that little bit is not good without getting rid of this. I haven't checked my Suzuki to see if it has such a drain. I have a few old motorcycles, antique tractors, chain saw, weed wacker, etc. One thing overlooked which can wreak havoc on these small machines when not used is insects. Make sure when you store them they are out of the way of mud daubers and the like. A tiny passage is all they are looking for. I have resurrected more machines that suffer from this. I keep all of mine in a garage with a tight fitting door and they still find a way in. Just this summer I had a Stihl 2-cycle weedwacker that wouldn't start and it had spark, gas, etc. I took that tiny carb off and it was clean. I put in a new diaphram and it still wouldn't even fire. It was then that I grabbed an air hose and blew a big bunch of mud out of the exhaust port (mud dauber nest or something) and she ran perfect. On my little Honda I have a cover for that I shoot with bug spray, let dry and then put on. I had the vent for the float bowl get plugged once this exact way. A friend says stress can be measured by how many internal combustion engines you own.
  7. Spindrift 10 build

    Great topic that should probably have its own thread. I had my kids take Sunfish lessons each individually when they were 8. It was a week long camp. what I feel like they really bought in was when they realized they could sail themselves. Like me they would talk of the places they would sail to when our boat was built. Now they are older with too many things to find time to sail much. but the participation in building led them to their own creative identities. I met Amos's kids at the Messabout and saw how enthused his kids were for sailing. The key is to get them hooked young. To those that haven't read "Swallows and Amazons" to their kids, its never too late.
  8. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Chick, now that is funny......you will probably build another boat before I finish!
  9. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    Inspired by a piece of plywood I saw in the B & B shop nicely kerfed and curved, I went back home with a vague plan. I love the Mark 3 boats, but the opening to the "Oar storage" looks a bit unfinished for my taste. I decided that I'd give up the oar storage (more on that in the near future) and add a bit of decorative touch. Here is what I came up with. I wasted a whole Saturday fooling around and changed my mind numerous times, and the port one fits slightly better than the starboard, but my son Andrew and I had a lot of fun. We fooled around with a bunch of templates on the stern openings and ultimately decided on round. Simple. I wound up using the okume I had cut out from the windows for stock on everything including the doubling (gives a thicker appearance to match forward) I glued in the Riv-nuts for the portslights. Tonight I'll glue on the trim rings. I wanted to get this done before working on the cabin top as I could reach everything easy now.
  10. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    When I bought my "kit" the windows weren't designed yet but I really like the look of Carlita's. Graham, as promised had templates he made waiting for me at the messabout. I also got some riv-nuts from Alan. I had to cut up the templates to fit them in my suitcase for the flight back to NY, but last night I taped them back together. I had "eyeballed" in the location of where I thought they should go and was only off by a bit when I clamped them into position. I used the template to mark the openings and cut them out with a jig saw. Then I re-clamped the templates back and used a drill bit to transfer the holes and a trim router to make the openings perfect. Cool beans! Thank you Graham. Pictures soon.
  11. B&B Messabout 2017

    So much fun for this upstate New Yorker without a boat! Thanks to Chick, Pete and Bob who took me out and let me have some helm time (I probably am done sailing until spring so that was really a nice way to end the summer). Thanks to all who made me feel at home especially Carla, Graham, Alan, Taylor, Natt and Beth. What a great group! Thanks to all who sang along Saturday night. I love music and that was fun. Thanks to all the boat builders. I took so many pictures of modifications and rigging ideas and I can't wait until I can start adding hardware! All in all a great weekend. I mentioned my wife calls me "Mr Annual" for my yearly commitments, so if I get "Jazz Hands" finished, I'll see you all in a year.
  12. B&B Messabout 2017

    Chick, the important thing is you are going to be there. I am flying out in the morning and should be there mid afternoon with no boat. So if you need crew I'm available. I look forward to meeting everybody.
  13. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    I saw a variety of holes cut in the seat comings and decided to go for my own look. I made a paper template and decided on a look.The top of the opening follows the radius of the top of the coming. It looked goofy until that change. Then I made a template (becomes a backing plate) and taped it to again make sure it looked good. I also maybe want to put a way to put a drink holder somehow in there and tested that. I thought they looked great but was reminded how simple this probably is on a CNC machine and Alan or Graham could have done the design, looked at in a model, adjusted it if necessary and "printed" out the part in short order. But it was fun. I made a second one with a pattern bit and the router table and then gang cut the two openings on the real coming. Next I put a small radius on the two backing plates (formerly templates) and glued them on to the backside of the comings. this may not be necessary, but they stiffen things a bit and allow a bigger radius (1/4") and give a more robust (thicker) appearance to the opening. And a morning was used up. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  14. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    Roam, moving blankets between the nested parts work great. Also, a long PVC tube to hold the mast and boom works good. My issue is with the boom. I may try making a nesting one out of round stock like the mast just so it can be shorter. FWIW, the reason I love my SP is it is really fast to set up......probably 10 minutes at most. The 11N longer without the trailer. I worry that my CS20.3 will take a long time to rig. Not every sail is for three days.....sometimes I just go for 3 hours.
  15. Core Sound 20 Mark III #3 "Jazz Hands"

    I got to see a few boats a the MASCF. Meesters CS15 with the Lug Rig was really a neat boat and I watched it sail really fast in the race. I took the pictures for the award ceremony and while I met most of the builders I am not sure we crossed paths. I saw Pete's CS20.3 and he was having motor troubles and decided not to launch. I'll hopefully sail on her at the messabout. Carlita was looking her fine self and the buzz around her was something. Graham and Alan did a great job as the featured speaker Saturday night and I got a lot of "wow that is what your building?" after that. All in all it was a great weekend. hopefully next year I'll have "Jazz Hands" there. The gunkhole trip to Wye Island had pretty good wind and its fun sailing in a fleet like that. As for the race, I got a new watch with a touch screen. I got it wet and it was rendered useless. So I got a really bad start in the race. My crew counted "one potato two potato" as our means of timing from the 1 minute flag. When he got to 43 the gun went off. Oops, but we had a lot of fun! I'll see many of you in a few weeks!