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  1. Thanks Graham. I'm building "Jazz Hands" for events like this. It's great to know the design performed so well. I'm in San Fransisco right now watching a few boats. Getting excited to finish.
  2. Impressive work! Your shop is amazing and I appreciate your neatness.
  3. Looking awesome......we are in similar places. A surprising amount of fideling on those few items! I am installing the same ladder. Are those lag bolts or did you make a matching angled piece inside to through bolt. (Love the look of the aged transom, but considering the motor mount troubles it makes me wish it was straight or "normal")
  4. Fantastic. How much do you think she weighs at this point?
  5. On my Sea Pearl, there is a PVC tube that holds the mast. When I replaced the tubes, I left the tubes about 3" higher than needed and cut a notch above the deck that serves the same purpose as your saddle. Once I get mast pressed up against this, I can walk it up pretty easily, even on the water. I think your plan will work well. I had planned something similar that was a bit smaller and pinned through holes in the seat. I think this is a worthwhile addition.
  6. Thanks! Is there any way to see speed on the spot tracker?
  7. jazz hands noun a gesture in which the hands are waved rapidly to and fro with the palms facing forward and the fingers splayed, used typically to express or indicate excitement or triumph. The story: My wife's mom had her and her two sibling in classic and modern dance when they were young and as a result my wife is a great dancer. Her biggest skill though is dance parodies. She can imitate anything from classic ballet to disco to the whole Snoopy gang doing each Christmas dance as well and every other dance craze through the years. It is hysterical. Of course the kids were cool with it through the early years but became mortified a bit as they got older. Anyway, my kids found musicals in high school. My wife and I would always tease them when they came home from practice with the question "Jazz Hands? Is there a dance with Jazz hands?" to which there response was "No! No jazz hands." Helen and Andrew were finally in a production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and we got Jazz hands. It was a great moment for us. But it didn't stop the gesture from being my wife's and occasionally my wave during sporting events, hellos and goodbyes. My wife gets pretty animated during the gesture and it was Helen who suggested we name her "Jazz Hands". As a tribute to family and especially my wife.
  8. "No Name" has a name. "Jazz Hands" is her name! More on the reasons, but it feels good to have a name! I'm already thinking of her paint job and graphics.
  9. Hmmmm......Leather pads for the motor mount? Do you drape the leather and clamp right through the leather? BTW......she looks awesome!
  10. I'm thinking of using this on the interior of my CS 20.3. I'd love to be able to paint the interior before I remove it from the basement and any solvent based stuff is not going to happen indoors.
  11. New Step in "No Name" She folds up. My son printed me a centerboard pin. I gave him the 0-ring. He's a freshman in HS. Too cool for school!
  12. I'm thinking Carlita is a great boat for that. Take pics and vids to share.
  13. Ken....I hope you are right because my setup has the motor tilted back just a bit. It should drive the stern down a bit in forward. I don't have a "mount" like Pete's. It relies on the clamp being opened fully and I have a spacer on the back of the transom to keep the motor back and still get 180 reversing. I hope it works. I bought it brand new.
  14. Looking great and brings back so many memories. FWIW.....I did round the seams in question. But I am a racer at heart, and I hated that little butt crack around the center of the boat. I took some plastic and a board and made a dam and then filed it with thickened epoxy on one half. I then bolted the two side s together with plastic between them and gooped in the other side. Once cured I spit the boat, removed the plastic and with the two halves reconnected faired the hull. I did break a really tiny radius for protection apart. They mate perfect and look better and I am sure faster.
  15. I'm dissaponted to find your Suzuki didn't work. I bought one, but I have a Honda 2hp long shaft as a fall back to use. I made sure it would also fit.