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  1. And the award for "Worst Husband of the Year" goes

    Way to go Konrad !!! Despite the obvious risks this still proves you have a pair where they should be :shock: And not tucked in your wifes purse Just don't let her know what you did. That could be serious. BTW have you done any sailing yet this year? Best regards, Captain red
  2. surface filler for plywood

    Hi, I need info on what to use to fill the surface imperfections in the acx plywood before I glass over the hull with resin and cloth. Thank you, Captain red
  3. Junk rigs

    Hey, Sailor 3356. Since you are in the same region as I am . Do you know of any junk rigged boats in a reasonable driving distance from central Illinois. My wife and I would like to hitch a sail on one just to see how it is? If you do please let me know by post or private msg. Thank you, Captain red 8)
  4. Junk rigs

    Hi, Charlie. What kind of boat are you looking at in the thirty foot range? Will this be used for distance cruising? The reason I ask is my wife and I want to do the same within the next ten years. Make the jump and go around the ball see some sights. :wink: Captain red 8)
  5. Sailing and GPS-report

    Hi, Knut. I didn't mean to sound like an alarmist or such. I have no experience with gps. You're right it's a good thing to have along with everything else that is available to us. Throw in a good dose of common sense go out and have a good time. Thats all anyone of us can do anyway, beyond that it's fate can't stop that. Hows the weather down there are you able to get out during the week or only on weekends? Well knut you have a good day and I hope you have good conditions next time you sail! Sincerely, Captain red
  6. Sailing after dark

    Hi, Gordy. This paints a wonderful picture for me. Being outside enjoying nature, sailing. That is beautiful, thats what it's all about. You live in and or sail in a good area. Gordy wrote. There's nothing like sailing on a nice warm night, especially on biscayne Bay or the Keys. The phosphorescent plankton lights up when the water's disturbed. It's most dramatic when you sail behind a breakwater or small island on smooth water. A quick pump of the tiller sends a burst of lights off with your wake. I've been anchored in the Keys when a tug on the anchor line causes it to light up all the way to the bottom. One night, when anchored behind Cape Canaveral, fishing was a waste of time because the fishing line would light up all the way out to the lure. May your life be blessed with many years of these adventures and also to share it with others. Captain red
  7. Junk rigs

    Hi, I was curious if anyone has heard of or seen a junk rig on the vacationer or weekender before? Has anyone ever sailed on a ship with a junk rig before and what was your impression of it ? Thank you, Captain red
  8. Sailing and GPS-report

    Hi, everyone. I am curious about gps. I learned piloting and charts ect. from the usps. Some of the guys that were instructing the class had many years of experience under there belt. I have heard other guys talking about there experience with it sitting in the harbor and getting goofy positions from a half mile inland to two miles offshore. I have also heard that the government can degrade this signal accuracy at there whim? If you want spot on accuracy you can subscribe to a better signal service for a fee of course. Are any of these true? what has been your experience? I agree with ray that you should have a good compass and a set of charts for your area also may I add that you have the compass swung or adjusted by a certified professional. this just may save your life and your crews life sometime. May I also add that you get some training with the united states power squadron or coast guard although I don't have any experience with the later. Thank you, Captain red 8)
  9. Web site

    Hi, folks. I found this website a while back thought you might enjoy it . http://www.boat-links.com/boatlink.html Captain red
  10. O.T. Baby Classes, and how to get out of them...

    I got to hand it to you Konrad, you come up with some good ones. If your wife is any kind of a prankster just wait till she squirts you across the room. :shock: :shock: I would like to hear how you get out of jury duty, I need some suggestions :wink: I wish you the best with your wife and new baby when he or she arrives. Sincerely, Captain red 8)
  11. Outboard is mine

    Hi, Jake. I have never owned an outboard before. One thing I see is I want to put a cable around it to keep it on the boat if something breaks or comes loose. Would you do this or is it over cautious? Captain red
  12. Outboard is mine

    Hi, Mike. The motor is a Johnson 6hp long shaft, two cycle. Captain red 8)
  13. Outboard is mine

    Hi, Jake . That looks good for your motor. I would'nt be affraid to put my 6 horse on that mount. I am sure you will put some lock nuts on it too. Captain red 8)
  14. Outboard is mine

    Hi, Guys I just wanted to tell you all that I am a new owner of a great used outboard motor. It runs like a top, Me and the former owner took it to a lake with a borrowed boat and I used it for several hours never skipped a beat. Got it for fifty dollars less too. This motor has always has been in fresh water too. One Question for you guys is when I use this in salt water do Ineed to do anything special to it other than rinse off when done ? Thank You, Captain red
  15. sore hands

    Hi , Jake. Glad you got that settled up. Send a plane ticket and I would gladly help you move I think there is a company that makes those shroud covers that are spiral cut, you just wind them on. I remember seeing the add somewhere I will see if I can find it and pass it on to the group. I wish you good luck and happiness in your new home and a great boat show. Best Regards, Captain red 8)