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  1. Fiberglassing

    The key for me has been to wet out the bottom and side at the same time. If you wet out the entire bottom before starting on the side, you will definitely have to cut slices in the cloth. In the middle picture above you can see where I started in the middle and worked backwards. Before working forward I smoothed and pulled out all the wrinkles with the spreader. Work slow, don't get in a rush, use a hardener which will give you plenty of time. It was warm in my shop late last summer when I glassed this boat. I used System Three Slow to give me a lot of working time. With the slow I can glass one side then the other, go back with a second coat of epoxy and even go back again with a coat mixed with micro spheres / balloons for fairing. All before the epoxy setup. Saves a lot of time and sanding this way. Working the glass with the spreader is similar to scraping a balloon string to give it a curl. The glass seems to conform to a new shape when you work it with a spreader while it is dry. Jason
  2. Fiberglassing

    I like to start in the middle then work backwards toward the stern. Then I will proceed to the bow. I will take a bond spreader and rub out the glass dry first ahead of myself before wetting out. Then I will wet out the smoothed area. I proceed in that manner and you can glass the entire surface without having to turn the fiberglass on a 45 or cutting out any wrinkles. Just remember to tug and smooth out ahead of yourself with a dry spreader first. It works great. You can see more pictures and details in the photo gallery and on the boat building blog at www.ncboatbuilder.com Jason
  3. PS26 Questions?

    I have been messing around with stitch & glue Skiffs for a little while and am thinking of building a camper/cruiser for my family and I. I think the PS26 fits me the best. I have a few questions before I decide for sure. I plan on keeping the boat in a slip part of the year and stored on a trailer at home when not in use. My truck can tow 12K, weight in not really a towing issue for me. Are the masts aluminum? What size outboard is recommended in the well? How much are the sails going to cost? What is the maximum safe interior height for the cabin? Would like standing room! Would like to sleep 5. Is this plan the best choice for me? Thank you, Jason http://www.ncboatbuilder.com
  4. Another Tango Skiff 14

    My second Tango 14 was completed just in time for the Georgetown Wooden Boat Show. Wow, there were a lot of people there, great show! This Tango 14 acted as a prototype for Kit patterns. We are now selling Tango 14 Okoume 1088 plywood Kits. I am also selling my latest Tango 14 for $6,500 comes with 2011 Nissan Outboard and 2010 galvanized Road King trailer, all brand new. You can see photos and read more at www.ncboatbuilder.com Jason
  5. Another Tango Skiff 14

    After finishing my first Tango Skiff 14 I decided to build another. I like the boat so much I am going to be offering plywood kits for it soon. The designer and I have been tweaking the boat which will be reflected in this next build. Just small changes here and there to get the design as polished as possible. You can check out my current progress at www.ncboatbuilder.com Jason
  6. NC Wooden Boat Show this weekend

    My son and I had a really good time too! We brought our newly completed Tango Skiff 14. Our boat was in the left rear corner of the museum parking lot. We look forward to returning, this was our first time. 8) You can see pictures of our boat at www.ncboatbuilder.com
  7. Building the Tango Skiff 14

    I rolled and tipped the Epifanes Yacht Enamel. The paint does have imperfections even though it may look flawless in the photos. But over all I am happy with the results. Next time I may try spraying the Enamel!
  8. Building the Tango Skiff 14

    I launched my 14 foot Tango Skiff a few days ago. I have used it for about 3 hours so far, once the motor is fully broken in I will post performance results. You can see pictures and read more at www.ncboatbuilder.com 8)
  9. Building the Tango Skiff 14

    I just finished up painting my 14 foot Tango Skiff. Should be able to launch in a couple of weeks. If all goes well I plan on taking it to the Wooden Boat show in Beaufort, NC May 1st. You can see the current progress at www.ncboatbuilder.com 8)
  10. Building the Tango Skiff 14

    I plan on steering with the tiller in order to keep the boat as open as possible. The hours on each posting of my blog are the current running total, not hours for each task. Thanks for the positive feedback! 8)
  11. Building the Tango Skiff 14

    Just wondering if anyone has built the Tango Skiff 14. I am almost ready for paint, you can check out my progress at www.ncboatbuilder.com