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  1. Brand new Hartley 12 owner

    Steve - Thanks also for your input -- while recently navigating around this forum I have enjoyed previous posts you have written. I wish warmer weather was on the horizon but is looks as if I will be putting up with the good old four seasons now that I live in PA -- I want to get started on the Hartley. Like you, and after I retired from the Navy in 1990, we lived in FT Lauderdale -- then we up and moved to Round Rock TX -- and finally last year we decided we missed our two daughters (one in NYC and one near Philly), so we moved to PA and also became first time grandparents as well last year. So now I get to deal with cold and snow and ice each year. I am trying to get info on resurfacing/painting the hull and also re-orient myself on the finer points of actual sailing -- I took a formal course while stationed in the Panama Canal Zone in the early 80's but have not sailed since then. So I have lots of reading and studying to do until springtime. I will look forward to reading your future posts throughout this forum. Thanks, Gene
  2. Brand new Hartley 12 owner

    Bob and Pete - thanks for the responses. I am certain I will have many questions on just about everything when I start getting my Hartley up to snuff. I will post some "before" pictures in the near future -- this will serve at least three things - 1 everybody wants to see pics 2- a "before" picture speaks for itself, and 3 - by hanging myself out there it will help to keep me motivated. This is my first boat - at least sailboat - I guess the bonca-boat that me and a couple of friends made from scratch while stationed in the Philippines back in the 60's counts also. We had an inboard engine and that thing flew pretty good. While the standard Filipino bonca has large bamboo outriggers we designed outriggers made from styrofoam encased in plywood -- worked great. We financed the project mostly on trading cartons upon cartons of Salem cigs with the locals. Sadly I sold my share in the boat while three sheets to the breeze at the Olongapo American Legion. Bob, while looking at other posts I see that the pictures you posted are a Hartley 14 -- Peanut is breath-takenly stunning. Now there is some motivation for me. My boat, in my novice opinion, appears to be very strong and knowlegeably constructed. I might not know dry rot if it were stuck in front of me with a sign on it - but to my untrained eye I could not find any. I think I have tapped and prodded every inch of the hull and it looks and sounds good to me. The outer hull needs resurfacing and there is some paint cracking (not sure if this is what I have seen called gator or crocadiling). The inner hull/bilge appears to be in pretty good shape. I plan to refurbish the entire boat, although I do not have my game plan formulated as yet --I have more studying etc to do and I am also waiting for warmer weather. The daggerboard trunk seems sold as a rock. The mast and boom are in excellent shape as is the associated hardware. I am not sure what kind of wood was used for the boom and mast but it is beautiful. Enough of my rambling for now. Thanks to you both for your input.
  3. Brand new Hartley 12 owner

    Good Day - My name is Gene Miller and last weekend I purchased an old (86) Hartley 12 in need of some TLC. I am new to wooden boats and I am wondering if this forum would be appropriate for me in future conversations about a boat that is more at home in Austrailia than here in the US. If someone has some other place for me to start I am all ears, but from reading a few posts on this forum it seems that there is an abundance of superb guidance and information here. Also, even the internet does not have a whole lot of info on the smaller Hartley boats. Thanks, Gene - Chester County PA