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  1. Books for reading

    I just picked up a book called: "Through Europe at Four Knots" by Les Horn... Still on another book about Slocum...but this will be my next read---about a guy who convinces his family to sail a boat through eastern europe at the end of communism...early 1990's...looks interesting...
  2. Books for reading

    glad this thread popped up so I could find it---all good stuff!! I have just finished "In the Year of the Boat" as mentioned above---great for novice builders... And last year read Daniel Robb's book "Sloop" about a Herreshoff 12 1/2 re-build...very good read... I am now reading a biography on Joshua Slocum...called: "Alone at Sea--the adventures of Joshua Slcoum" by Ann Spencer...its pretty good...but it makes me wish I found his autobiography first...still a good read... Next up sounds like I will get a copy of the Princess... Thanks...hope this thread grows---maybe a new forum should be started called "THE LIBRARY" where people can submit book reviews... matt
  3. Membership Reminders - Autoemail (Suspended)

    are you saying I am going to get fewer discounted offers for viagra?
  4. New Weekender Video

    nice boat!!! I cant wait!!!!! matt
  5. New Weekender Started--NAPA, CA!

    Thanks Frank!!! I am still in the process of learning about all these things...Warren and I are going to get together this weekend to walk around West Marine and look at all the products... I will make the rest of the cuts and fill the hole hopefully by sunday night...and I may have a keel by the following weekend... I will post new photos on LJ's at that point...thanks for taking the time to go to LJ;s and check out my blog!! Is there a way to set my account so when someone replies to my post/blog I get an e-mail...??? Thanks...matt
  6. New Weekender Started--NAPA, CA!

    Got the keel parts cut...at least outside laminations. The rough cut the stem parts but will go back and re-cut them with my band saw since they are smaller... Will update more thoroughly when I finish the keel...unfortunately even long weekends have to come to an end... matt
  7. Hi Everyone...I got my workshop and patio space cleaned up, ordered wood, rec'd wood and cut some stringers this week!!! So a new Weekender is off and running... I have been a member of the lumberjocks.com woodworking forum for 3 years so I am writing a blog and posting all pictures there but wanted everyone to know I am started... I have actually already written 3 (word, lol) blogs there...the first one starts here: http://lumberjocks.com/matt1970/blog/14831 And the 3rd entry in the series---where I have photos and questions for builders is here---would love it if you could take a look and give me some feedback... http://lumberjocks.com/matt1970/blog/14880#comment-638069 I will use the lj forum so that I can keep my family and friends involved as well...and they can check my other woodworking projects there... Would love some feedback on that 3rd post (2nd link here)... Thanks for all the confidence and support so far...I have not posted too often here but I have read a lot... Matt aka Napaman
  8. Hadn't told the wife yet

    Gene--- I just bought my Vacationer plans...have not gotten them yet...but saw your post and wanted to know how it is going...have you had a chance to start on your weekender??? matt

    Great photos RS!!! Thanks for your comments...I am researching all avenues and learning a lot... Those pictures in SF with your BOAT!!! Does that mean you sailed in SF BAY??? WHere did you go with it and where did you sail??? Matt
  10. Hi all... Just currious if there are any local builders close to me....I live in Napa CA and getting close to building the vacationer---or buying the plans at least...lol... I have lots of support from friends and fellow lumberjocks (lumberjocks.com) but wanted to know if anyone is close to me... Currious about sailability in the SF BAy...all of it---or certain parts only? Also would love to visit a builder if one is local... Thanks... matt (aka napaman on lj's)