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  1. Motor Canoe project

    Thank you Chick and Graham for the cautions and great build tips. RickZ
  2. Carlita's new adventure

    Smooth sailing Graham. I'll be in FL month of Feb around Titusville, but free to go anywhere down there if you need any help. 252-945-4472. Mick n RickZ
  3. Sailing Kayak

    Good thoughts. I believe Dawn Stewart, aka Sandy Bottom, sails her Diva, and has done some long hauls, and son Allan's expedition yak is really neat. R
  4. Expedition Canoe

    Me too, for our "senior's explorer". Maybe with removable and "folding" ama bars and trolling motor mount. Strong ama mounts on/in hull would add a bit of weight but hopefully only a couple of pounds to hopefully keep bare hull weight ~40# for cartopping/truck bed. R.
  5. Official Watertribe EC/UFC 2016 event discussion.

    Wishing you all fine winds and kind seas! Rick
  6. Mocasin 2 Square Stern for Trolling Motor?

    Graham, Alan and your Mom and Dad, Mister Moon, and all other sailors & paddlers - Safe sailing and great fun in the EC. Rick
  7. Mocasin 2 Square Stern for Trolling Motor?

    Good thoughts. Only challenge I see with a broader, deeper stern is efficiency in reverse exiting long narrow dead end sloughs (too narrow to turn around). That's why I thought the wine glass stern - keeping the canoe stern at the waterline with motor mount above - kind of wherry-like, and shifting my weight forward? I'm sure Graham and Alan are busy with the EC. No hurry. Tks, Rick
  8. As we age, would like a very light, stable, tandem electric canoe (<50#) with wine glass square stern to mount a trolling motor, carry a deep cycle battery or two midships, and 400# load. Hoping a 40-50# thrust 12v trolling motor will push her 4-5 mph to quietly explore wildlife on sheltered rivers, streams, and lakes. Think the 47#Moc 2 can be modified to meet the need? Have a canoe side mount for a trolling mtr that I could use, but hoping a stern mount will have less chance to hangup weaving through narrow obstructed waterways. May I should just create a extended motor mount plate on the normal stern of the Moc II? Thanks, Rick
  9. Sport Boat

    Thanks Chick for the info and thoughts. Have a decent connection tonight. Been thinking the Moc II with a small square stern for the trolling motor, battery in the middle, but aging joints calling for more upright seating for us. Also saw a small dory type with ~6" wine glass stern for motor and minimum drag but probably less stability and more complex build than the Moc II. Only has to go paddling speed 3-4 mph and can supplement with paddles. Maybe a wide beam square stern tandem canoe would be simpler if I can find a good used one in kevlar or carbon at a fair price. Going to finish the Amanda when we get back and see how she goes with electric. Need to contact Graham on the Washington Marine Market coming up April 30 and will mention my dreams/schemes. TSCA/Raleigh considering something like a one-sheet/one day build at the Market and then selling/raffling off to help our new Washington Maritime Museum. Keep safe, Rick
  10. how can i chanage to a tabernacle

    If you haven't covered the foredeck yet I think a combination of Chick's pictured tabernacle moved forward and PAR's idea of a taller tabernacle & higher pivot point so the bottom of the mast clears the foredeck should work. I was conjuring up a similar system when I had that red BRS15 in your pics. With the finished foredeck, I thought of slotting the foredeck around the current mast step, sliding a tall 3-sided tabernacle down to the keel and anchoring it in to existing wood from the foredeck access. The challenge is how the sails are mounted so they can be pushed/slid up (or removed if on track) to clear the higher tabernacle pivot. Just thoughts, Rick
  11. Chilton Runabout by Chapin Boat Co. Chapin SC?

    Didn't have a camera but could have used my old phone but in a dark garage. If I go back for more relief work will try. May try to contact the 81yr old owner, but he's pretty stressed over the flooding and loss of so much property. R Chick, This '59 MFG looks a bit bigger but is very similar in design & interior and probably same period.
  12. While on Church flood relief work last week in SC discovered a plywood runabout about 14-15' in restorable condition in a garage with an Evinrude Lark OB. Had a chrome "Chilton" script on the aft quarter. Had a Chapin Boat Co. Chapin SC plate on the dash over the speedo. Can't fine any Google info and just curious if anyone has any info on them. Maybe 60's model with curved windshield, divided and upholstered front seat back, cable steering. Just curious? Tks, Rick
  13. Pop-up Cleat

    Thanks for the info Gordy. Very nice units. Has anyone tried the Quick Cleats http://www.quick-cleat.com/products/also seem to be low profile and resistant to snagging sheets? But wonder if they hold as good as the pop-ups at steep line angles? Rick
  14. Restoring a Lonestar Admiral

    Hi Chick, Did a "boats running lights" search on Ebay and came up with a few that may work? http://www.ebay.com/sch/Parts-Accessories-/6028/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=boat%20running%20lights&LH_PrefLoc=1&rt=nc&LH_ItemCondition=4&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 Have fun. Pls watch that hand. Rick
  15. Electric Paddle Drive 2hp Review

    Great to see others joining this thread and appreciate all the inputs. I've been listening to electric paddle and other tests and reviews on YouTube. I found the elec paddle (and Torquedo) pretty noisy (winey). The trolling motors still seem a good bit quieter (my big issue). I'm trying to figure if a 40# thrust running at higher speed would be more efficient (longer running on same batt at same boat speed) than a 55# thrust running at a slower speed? Works for gassers :-). Sent a note to MinnKota but never responded. Trying to stay 12v lithium for space and weight. Would still carry the Honda 2.3 in the truck if more of an open water trip or with probable strong tide/current. Too much figuring & decisions. My brain hurts. Think I'll watch the ducks in my very flooded yard. R