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  1. Lapwing mast construction

    Sorry to have taken so long to respond to this. I have two further questions: 1. Is the plank from which you are cutting staves the full length of the mast? In other words some 16 feet long? Question 2. How do you taper an entire 16 foot long plank? Many thanks, Corky Scott
  2. Lapwing mast construction

    Thanks Richard. I admit to some confusion regarding the mast plans. There seems to be a lot of information on the sheet, but it sometimes appears to be not necessarily directly connected one piece to the other. For instance, and forgive me if this is merely a neophyte's interpretation of the information but the plans show how to make a hollow mast, and specify dimensions: Birdsmouth spar mast head is 1 3/4". Birdsmouth Mast Heel is 3". But in the text above the diagram it says that the mast should taper to 1 5/8". Granted, the difference is only 1/8". But it makes me wonder if I'm missing something. Is the mast head the top of the mast and the mast heel the base? Also, it also says that the mast can be a combination of aluminum and birdsmouth wood or fiberglass. But then the diagrams for fitting the aluminum together show two sections of tubing the bottom one at 2 1/2" diameter, the next section 2 1/4" diameter and the third section unidentified either in material or dimensions. I'm guessing it's builders choice for material, but I hate guessing. Finally, if one is to build a hollow mast, it means you will have to taper the sections of wood so that they actually taper, before being planed and sanded round, right? Or is this not right? That means one heck of a long tapering jig! Thanks all, I'm sure many of my questions will be answered if I just started building. That was the way things worked out when building the cedar strip canoe. Corky Scott
  3. Lapwing mast construction

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and have bought the plans for the Lapwing 16. I have yet to begin, I'm at the stage of looking the plans over and searching for construction materials. My experience is that I've sailed off and on since I was a kid, and recently built a cedar strip canoe, which turned out nicely. So I'm very new to sailboat construction. I am curious about the mast fabrication. Has anyone done this already and has photos of the process? Many thanks, Corky Scott
  4. Plywood for Lapwing

    Where in the plans is the list of materials? Thanks, Corky Scott