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  1. Slideshow of Sultana being built

    Very nice Bob, It looks great.
  2. how does one set up their Signarure

    Go to: My settings Profile tab change signature
  3. Time to call it good enough

    We finally got out on the water today, this was the second attempt at sailing Dark Wind. The first time I had steering issues, the control line was over wrapping itself causing it to only turn one way correctly. So I rewired it . I moved the hole through the steering shaft aft an inch and a half letting the line lead better, It worked great no overrides. We also put a battery in the companion way box for a trolling motor, turned out well but the main sheet got caught on the motor head a time or two. I'll have to find a work around that. Winds today were 15-18mph with gusts to 28mph, but dangit we were going sailing! So here are some on the fly shots, That last picture say's it all! All in all a good day, 15min set up, a two hour or so sail, 15min take down and an hour and a half talking about D.W. to everyone who stopped by too admire it, one guy even knew what it was. Fair winds Dan
  4. Time to call it good enough

    Thanks Al, That sounds like a good way to do the lanyards, if I have any problems with mine I'll try your method. Currently mine are rigged more or less traditional and the loose end seized to the standing ones. I only have one seizing on now until they stretch some more then I'll put on a few more. I leave mine set and haven't had an issue with stepping the mast, I do it that way on my 22 footer too, one less thing to mess with at the ramp. dan
  5. Time to call it good enough

    Thanks Al, I like the dead eyes too, turnbuckles just didn't seem right. If you have any pics of how you tie yours I'm always open to other ways.
  6. Time to call it good enough

    We took D.W. to the lake yesterday, the wind was a bit much for a shakedown cruise 17mph gusting to 23. We just tied up to the dock for a photo shoot and to see if it floats :lol: I must have done ok on the sails, she wanted to take off! I am looking at later this week to get some time under sail.
  7. Gwenivere

    Great job! Love the paint. Dan
  8. My boat plans !

    Thanks, Pepe Cool vid. Dan
  9. Time to call it good enough

    Thanks Carl, The Finn looks like a blast to sail. Good luck with it, don't be afraid to ask questions. The knowledge base here is awsum. :grin: :grin: Dan
  10. Logging In...

    Howdy! :grin: Dan
  11. Super stability in very small craft (movie)

    Watched that a while back, It is a cool little boat. :grin: Dan
  12. Time to call it good enough

    no more excuses, gotta get wet soon. It will either sail like a witch or fail miserably, my gut says the first :D
  13. Time to call it good enough

    More to follow:
  14. Time to call it good enough

    Thanks, Jeff I know, it almost seems a shame but it's really nice tarp :D at least until I can afford blood red sail material. I plan on making my own. fair winds Dan
  15. Time to call it good enough

    Thanks, Wes I just ordered the bright red tarp for the sails Dan