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  1. selling the weekender

    I went sailing yesterday with some friends for (probably) one last time.
  2. selling the weekender

    Drexel University
  3. selling the weekender

    It's been a while since I last posted here, but it's been a while since I've done any major work to my boat besides the obligatory sanding and painting. I've been going to school in Philadelphia for the past three years and racing for my school's sailing team in 420s and FJs (one-design sailing dinghies). My parents have moved across the country so I no longer have an convenient and simple place to store and work on the boat and I only have about half the tools I had to build the boat. The boat is currently in the backyard of a relative of a family-friend and it's about an hour-and-a-half away from Philadelphia and not very near any Lake. For those reasons, plus the fact that I've got so many other projects going on, I've decided it's time to sell the boat. I am going to sail her for one last time this weekend, to get some good sailing photographs and for old-times sake. I've put together this photo album of the best photos from the past 4 years and the construction: http://picasaweb.google.com/cruisingsailor/GailJean I will probably be listing the boat on eBay, any suggestions, ideas, etc.? I haven't lost the boat building bug, I have a One Sheet Skiff that is serving time as a book case and I am almost finished with a stitch-and-glue dory that I have been on-and-off working on since high school. -tsd
  4. Electric motors

    I've got a Minn Kota #35 too. A few weeks ago I went to Annapolis with my boat, and the boat launch was a few miles up the Spa Creek, which is narrow and nearly windless (at least it was that day). The motor did fine but I found it to be excruciatingly slow. This also may have to do with my battery. On the way back after I went through the drawbridge (which was where the wind stopped and the motoring started), I switched to my other battery and vastly improved my speed. Still not that fast, I am pondering getting a gas outboard so my auxillary power is not teathered to my lighting.
  5. Running Rigging Deals

    I was reading a catalog for Gill (British maker of foul weather gear for sailors) and they described sailing as 'like standing in a cold shower ripping up 10 pound notes'. I would try a independant marine store. They might have some used blocks at cheaper prices. It's worked for me.
  6. I am taking the day off tomorrow to work on my boats. The weekender is going on a 3 day cruise on the Chesapeake bay next week. The dory I am building needs to get out of the garage that its in and I will be adding another coat of primer after sanding the hull.
  7. trailing with a car

    Thanks guys for all the advice. It's all installed now. I did consider installing it myself but buying and shipping the equipment would be just as expensive as it was. U-HAUL comes with a lifetime warrenty that protects against damage, theft, corrosion, et cetera. As for a frontward hitch, I do have an emergancy tow hook on the front of my car. I suppose if I were really desperate I could attach a chain to that to pull out the boat and trailer. The lights on the trailer that I have are actually imersable and I haven't needed to do this at all. The only problem I've had is when one broke after my old man knocked a chunk of ice off the tarp that was covering the boat on to it, shattering the plastic light fixture.
  8. Will spring come faster[ot]

    Spring came for us in the east in late January, I think it was in the 50's and 60's for nearly two weeks and up to 70 one day. Now it's winter again although it's supposed to get warmer the end of this week.
  9. trailing with a car

    wow, thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I'll definately use that. I should be getting the hitch installed this week. A U-Haul in South Jersey wanted $296 but I negociated down to $275 for parts, labor, wiring.
  10. trailing with a car

    Thanks for all the quick advise. the ramps is going to give me problems then. I would, but I'd be up the creek without a paddle if they carded me. I'm not 21 till May.
  11. trailing with a car

    185 bhp and 263 Nm of torque, it's got a turbocharger. The thing only weighs 3,060 pounds itself, but apparently it can tow up to 3,500. It's going to be *fun* getting the boat in and out of the water with a manual transmission in this thing.
  12. trailing with a car

    Soon my Weekender will be losing its Winter and Summertime storage (my folks are moving to Texas) and I will have limited access to a vehicle with a trailer hitch. The Weekender is moving to dry storage in the parking lot of a lake somewhere between Allentown in Philadelphia in May. What I'm wondering is has anyone weighed their Weekender with the trailer? I realize that my overbuilt toe rail, hatch, and batteries will probably make mine a little heavier than most, but my cedar mast might take some off comparatively. I can get a hitch that can tow up to 3,500 pounds on my 1994 Saab which only has a 2 liter engine. Has anyone here had experiance with towing boats with smaller cars? How do they fair?
  13. Green

    Forest Green with a beige deck and varnished oak brightwork. That ended up as my final choice. I think I also was considering blue or red as a hull color. Forest Green was a prudent choice for a beautiful and traditional looking craft.
  14. Hmmm, slow here lately

    Still sailing. I was about to take the Weekender out for the second time this year two weeks ago. It was a lot of fun to actually sail with wind. Except for the small issue with weatherhelm and rudder failure that required me to steer with my leg off the transome and my foot pressing against the rudder to keep it straight (there was some slack in the line that I apparently didn't take care of). I want to go out at least another time before I finally call it a season.