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  1. Can someone tell me anything about this dory. I think this might be a fun project but I don't know much about the boat. I'm going up to see this tomorrow. He is asking $825. is it worth it? there is no jib just the main. I can't tell from the picture where the mast step is. this is his description. Semi flat bottom lap sided sailboat, with stainless steel rudder and stainless swing keel. No trailer, gaff rigged dacron main, with stainless fittings. Not a production built boat. Could use interior paint/strip. Do not need, my loss your gain. John,
  2. heaving to in a cat ketch

    Thanks for the report Wes. I think that answers my question. Its whatever works and for the cat ketch Ray's method seems to be the way
  3. CS bimini?

    He didn't show the boat underway. Understandable for a motorboat but I would like to see how stable it is while under sail
  4. CS bimini?

    I went up to look the "Loon" a 15 foot Bay River Skiff that Tom built. It is featured on the B&B site in the Baja Cruise article. It has receptacles around the boat that can be used to hold about anything but John uses it to hold umbrellas. He just moves the umbrellas around as needed. In fact I think there is a picture of the umbrella in the article.
  5. heaving to in a cat ketch

    I understand the lack of time. Summer officially ended for me today. I taught my first classes of the semester. This would be a great place to work if it wasn't for all the students. I am close to having enough money to buy my wood and epoxy. We had a few unplanned for events that pushed back my start date. so I bought a little sloop in the mean time to learn the basics of sailing. I hope I can get out a few times before the season ends. I am hoping to get started on my CS 20 this winter.
  6. heaving to in a cat ketch

    Wes You are right. When I heave to in my little sloop the bow points just into the irons, about 30 degrees off wind. The main is set for a close haul but I keep the jib back winded and the rudder is set a little into the wind. The main wants the boat to turn into the wind. The jib wants the boat to turn away from the wind and the rudder is usually need to help turn it into the wind. So the sails are working against each other. when I want to sail again I just push the rudder over, the back winded jib pushes the boat down wind then I reset the jib and keep on sailing. The trouble is, I am having a hard time seeing how the sails work against each other on a cat ketch. From the description I have heard it seems that heaving to in a cat ketch is a matter of setting the mizzen hard so the boat is intentionally in the irons and when you are ready to sail you pull it out of the irons and sail on. Am I correct in my analysis?
  7. heaving to in a cat ketch

    This is the sloop video I used to learn. Is this similar to the action that Ray describes for the cat ketch?
  8. heaving to in a cat ketch

    I'm having a little trouble understanding the theory. On a sloop the main and jib work against each other with a little help from the rudder. On the cat ketch you harden the mizzen and let the main run free. If I understand it, the mizzen will weather cock the boat into the wind and the main will luff free and the boat will drift aft with the wind. It seems to me that heaving to is putting the boat intentionally the irons
  9. Shakespeare question for Wes

    Wes Thanks for the critique. Even though I am not a Shakespeare scholar I have always admired the Bard for his complex characters. Shylock is not a simple villain. He goes to great lengths to explain Shylock's need for revenge in very human terms. I agree with you about showing the Catholics in hypocritical terms I had not thought of it that way. I found his comparison of the Old Testament and New Testament values of justice and mercy as blatant. He portrayed Shylock as absolutely incapable of mercy both in the usury and in his insistence of the pound of flesh. Although he showed the hypocrisy of Antonio he ultimately shows Antonio as merciful. To me the court scene was much more about showing the virtues of the New Testament and mercy as over and above that of Justice and the Old testament. I had never seen the play before although I picked up a book and read it a few days before we went. I found it fascinating and I was wondering how they were going to handle the anti-Semitic aspects Thanks for your comments
  10. CS20 cockpit organizer (console?)

    Utah All motor including electric and sailboats need to be registered. It doesn't say anything about manually powered boats. I wonder if float tubes with an electric trolling motor need to be registered?
  11. Wes I saw the Merchant of Venice at the Utah Shakespeare Festival last night. During the play whenever someone was antagonizing Shylock they would take his yarmulke from him and it would end up on the ground. He would then dust it off reverently, kiss it and then put it back on his head. When Shylock was forced to convert in the court scene Antonio took his yarmulke from his head and placed a cross around his neck. In the last scene after Lorenzo and Jessica had been told about Shylock's will Antonio whispered something in Jessica's ear and gave her Shylock's yarmulke. At this point she wailed, wept bitter tears and ran from the stage. It gave something of a tragic end to what I remember as a happy ending. I assumed the tears were over Shylock's forced conversion but my wife assumed that Antonio had told Jessica that Shylock had committed suicide. This was done before the comedic ring controversy and the rest of the cast entered the house celebrating. Is this a common ending? Is it the director's way of blunting the obvious anti-semitism of the play for a 21st century audience? Joel
  12. Man did we ever get wet today.

    I've already had it suck Gordy's way. The first time I launched the boat (right after I bought it) in april the bailers were open and it took me a while to figure out why I was getting swamped. I havn't trusted them since
  13. Man did we ever get wet today.

    Also a question on the bailers. I have two bailers., one on each side of the CB trunk. They dont seem to work the way that I have heard them described on the forum. I get the boat going and i'll open them up but I cant see them sucking the water out. I think I hve the boat going fast enough to create the drop i pressue but I'm not sure. Am I doing it right?
  14. Man did we ever get wet today.

    A big part of what happened was my inexperience as a sailor. The boat is called a Texas Tornado and is very similar to a 505. We were beating into the docks because we could see the trouble coming. We made it as far as the bouys when the wind increased considerably. I dropped the main hoping to make it in on the jib. I had to make one more tack and just as we were coming through the tack we got hit with the micro burst that drove the bow around. I tried to compensate with the tiller and thats when it snapped and the boat went over. The lake sits at 5000 feet with mountains that go up to almost 12,000 around it. The wind usually blows up the main canyon from the south but there are severalo small canyons that can funnel the winds from almost any direction. I wont run striaght down on the lake because of the shifting winds and I'm afraid of a jibe. The lake (Deer Creek) is deep so the winds dont kick the waves up. I am only five miles from the boat ramp on Utah lake but that lake is so shallow that 15 mph winds kick the waves up to dangerous levels. I would have liked a motor so I could drop the sails and make a bee line for the docks but I had to depend on my sailing skills which are lacking. None the less I am begining to love the sport and can't wait until I build my own. I'm glad I am doing this because its helping me decide what I want from a boat.
  15. Man did we ever get wet today.

    I've been off the site for a while because I had to postpone the build. I did buy a 16' racing dinghy to learn to sail and to figure what I want out of a boat.. I've been on it 6 or 7 times and today we totally turtled it. We were coming in on the jib because the wind had kicked up. When we tried to tack over we got caught in a micro burst. when I tried to turn it into the wind the tiller snapped and we lost control and went over. How is the stability of the CS 20? I can't relax for a second on this boat. I assume that because its a racing dinghy its inherently unstable. I have realized that speed is not my primary motivator and I would like something easier to sail and more stable. I have been away for a few months. I still see Wes and Ray are still arguing about motors. By the way Wes, I'm going to the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City Thursday to see "The Merchant of Venice"