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  1. unpainted aluminum masts

    Thanks everyone. I was just trying to be lazy and avoid painting altogether. My leftover System3 Silver Tip Yacht Primer (two part epoxy) and System3 LPU sound like ideal choices.
  2. unpainted aluminum masts

    I'm switching from wooden to aluminum mast for my CS17. The mast kit from B&B is going together nicely and I've started to think about paint. Other than appearance I can't see any reason the masts need to be painted. How does an unpainted aluminum mast look in a few years? Has anyone tried a brushed finish and left it to oxidize? Am I overlooking something? FYI, I love the original wooden masts but they are tapered too thinly to accept sail track and the lacing is inconvenient.
  3. If you look closely at how the lacing goes into and out of the third and fourth eyes from the top of the sail you'll notice the lacing does not spiral around the mast.
  4. how to post photos

    looks like it was a problem with the particular photo i was trying to post. I got this old one to work. wing on wing with a boat load of kids. Thanks.
  5. how to post photos

    I'm unable to post photos and unable to find any instructions that I'm sure must be somewhere on the site. I attempted to post one jpg file smaller than the minimum size and received an error message "there was a problem posting the file. -200". Help please.
  6. repainting non skid

    Thanks PAR. I didn't know about flap wheels but they seem like the perfect solution. I'm using the system three water based LPU and will keep the coats thin as you suggest. Ed - Too soon for a good photo as she is still under a tarp and wearing a combination of primer, original yellow paint, and new wood. New cabin top is a 3 layer lamination of 3mm ply with the top elevation about 3 inches higher than the original, and no beams. I can now sit in the cabin without bending my neck. I'll start a fresh post to share photos and ask for forgiveness in about a month.
  7. repainting non skid

    I'm about to repaint the deck of my Belhaven 19. The original paint with non-skid is in good condition and I'm repainting to change colors. What's the best method of preparing the deck for paint? I'd like to just take the gloss of the old surface and repaint instead of sanding the surface smooth, but not sure how to go about that. Also, would the additional 3 coats of paint typically smooth out the non-skid too much? What's worked for you?
  8. I don't think you need to double the lines. I tie the line in a loop thru the peak grommet which keeps the peak from pulling too far away from the mast. From there that same line runs down and across the back of the mast into grommets. The line does not circle around the mast and the peak loop is large enough to allow the whole thing to slip down. I will try and post a photo.
  9. Sounds to me like you did ok. I'm assuming you were mizzen only with the mizzen in it's regular position. Regarding tacking - pulling the centerboard up to shift the center of lateral resistance forward may have helped, you can also "back" the mizzen when tacking and steer backwards with the rudder to complete the tack if you end up in irons. Just remember backing the mizzen is opposite of the way we back our mainsails and sloops back their jibs. You may also have discovered that a chop really kills the forward momentum of these relatively light boats. I'd don't have a motor on my CS17 and typically sail back to and occasionally into the dock. Often there is just one spot at the dock suitable for landing a sailboat but the power boaters have no idea you're aiming at it. Crowded lee shore ramps with a short dock are the worst and an appropriate to use a motor if you've got one. Laced sails can be difficult to raise but I have not had trouble taking them down. Try dropping your sail while the mast is up to see if it works for you. With the sail down, board down, and the motor running you're as maneuverable as anything on the water. In my case I drop all sail and steer the boat in with the oars or canoe paddle attempting to let the wind push me into position where I can catch the dock cleat with the stern line and stop the boat with a round buoy fender between the boat and the dock. It is kind of an all or nothing situation and can be nerve racking.
  10. The 2017 Pocket Yacht Palooza takes place Saturday July 22 at Port Townsend Washington. This is a one day boat show on the plaza of the NW Maritime Center followed by the three day Palooza Crooza (two nights, 32 nm, with group camp sites and chase boats). I'll be there with my CS17 for the show on Saturday and the cruise which starts Sunday morning and encourage anyone within striking distance to consider attending. It would be nice to see some other B&B boats there. The event is informal, friendly, and free with about 60 boats in the show and perhaps 20 on the cruise. The boats are mostly trailer sailors with a few row boats mixed in and there are no pretentions regarding building materials or motors. check out pocketyachters.com for details.
  11. Summer Breeze - Core Sound 17, Mk-3

    So tempting. Somebody please buy this boat and sail her in the 2018 race to Alaska! (just search R2AK).
  12. I have used the mizzen in the middle several times. That arrangement works fine except for the boom in the face problem and that other problem about me being lazy. Mizzen only in its regular step works fine. The naked main mast might be doing something thing but I believe the key is to retract the centerboard to balance the helm. Thrillsbe has the right idea - go play with it and see which arrangement you prefer.
  13. Much better off with your only sail in the mizzen step. I don't use the middle mast step anymore after getting hit in the eye once by the end of the boom. I prefer to sail mizzen only (when necessary) in the mizzen step and the center board slightly pulled up to balance the helm. This worked well several times for making a mostly downwind run in heavy weather back to a boat ramp. Things are completely under control with this arrangement and you can just enjoy the sleigh ride.
  14. Trailer for Core Sound 17

    Watch your overall length of truck and trailer. Washington State Ferries tier their prices in painful ten foot intervals "under 30 feet", "under 40 feet", and "under 50 feet". I'm able to stay under 40 feet but I had to position the mast so it hangs over the front of the CS17 and shift the trailer axle forward to achieve a manageable tongue weight. The fixed axle position on your proposed trailer might make you comprise either tongue weight or overall length.
  15. Core Sound 17 keel maintenance

    There are plenty of dark boats in the Pacific Northwest that don't seem to have heat problems, so I wouldn't worry about the heat issue especially on the exterior of a hull without a cabin. The really light colors show dirt quicker, but that's not a deal breaker either. A color that contrasts with the water is more visible. I can think of one boat that blends in so well with a chop that she is hard to see at a distance. The rest is "season to taste". Yellow sounds good to me.