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  1. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Progress. Outer bottom glass seams (already sanded prepared for glassing).
  2. Spindrift 11n build in process

    The boat is cut... and is nesting all right!
  3. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Whta do you think of that? Are they going to work on the middle bulkheads?
  4. Spindrift 11n build in process

    I already have seen that... one of the reasons I decided to go for it.
  5. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Spindrift progress. Epoxy step 1.
  6. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Yes, you were right. It was impossible to close the gap, so I have loosen all wires and pull with a string the keel. It seems it is working. The gunwales seem to flex better after making them smaller. One question about the nesting bulkheads. What is the distance between the aft bulkhead and the transom let's say at the center inside the boat? I want just to be safe as the lines I've drawn make me feel a little anxious for the moment I'll cut the boat. Thank you for the support
  7. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Toothpicks... my favourite distant keeper.What do you think?
  8. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Thanx Thrillsbe. Yes you're right... even in occasionally but you know that is better than rarely or not at all. Butterfly is easier than it looks. The rest of it is more difficult than it looks. Now Iam stuck with the gaps here and there and the gunwales. Meanwhile it rains everyday for the last 10 days. Anyway thank you for the good words.
  9. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Moving picture is almost always better...
  10. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Thank you Alan for your sincere help, I really appreciate it. I am also sorry for the mess I did here with the photos. I could see them while no one else could. Now about the job offering PAR, thank you but I think I'll be really expensive and not that good. The reason is that now, I build my boat and that makes me twice as cautious. If I had to check others' plans, I wouldn't be that cautious I think...
  11. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Thanx for your help Alan, I'll get back as soon as I try this one (gunwales). I don't think there would be a problem with the gap as I didn't stitch that yet, but I'll have to try this one too. One question about the gunwales. In the materials list, it said 2 pieces of 4 meter long strips 0.20x0.40. At the same time in the instructions it said 3 pieces each side. I thought I had to divide the 0.20 into three in case, let's say I want to make something artistic. Am I missing something?
  12. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Modification of the working bench.. And I am a little bit concerned about the gunwales. They don't seem to fit well on the boat. It seems like I have to turn them in 3 axis in a way that needs a lot of strength and I am not sure it's needed. I saw somewhere in the forum the same problem again. He was using bigger strips if I remember well. I use 3 strips of 10mmX50mm each. I couldn't find thinner, so I decided to either use just 2 of them or plane them to a sum of 18-20mm. Any advice about the gunwales?
  13. Spindrift 11n build in process

    I also over-reacted with the bow stitching, I know... There is a little gap at the fore most point of the bow just between the 2 glass tapes. I had to choose between the dimensions aft (giving the angle), a better match in front but opening the angle, or the best eye catching shape of the bow in conjuction with the angle. I have chosen the shape-angle combinatio