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  1. Marissa # 63

    Those monster energy drinks make me crazy Yes lotus i have thought about some trim tabs even though it will be heavier than drawn. I am on the Tchoutacabouffa river in Biloxi MS and there can be a lot of floating debris at times so i have glassed the entire bottom inside and out to much more of an extent than the drawings show. That being said i agree with you that it might very well need some tabs. My wife is totally happy with the fact that the boat is nearly finished as she is under the impression that i can now finish our house . She does not understand that Allen has shipped and i have picked up a nice shiny new set of OC20-B Drawings. Lumber for the keel is already hear and will be machined up soon, plywood is on order and will land after Thanksgiving. Maybe i will tell her then I will try to post up some pics of the launch and such when it happens. I hope before Christmas. You all have a good one
  2. Marissa # 63

    Again thankyou for the praise. Yesterday i made all the hookups under the console. Main buss, steering throttle ETC. all seems to work fine. So now is just a little paint and finish then of to get a motor hung and be done Has been a lot of fun
  3. Marissa # 63

    Thankyou much gentlemen, have some finishing to do on the deck and such fit a couple hatches and the like but yeah is just about done. Has been a lot of fun, now my wife will get a few things finished up around the house before i have a new project
  4. Marissa # 63

    It is on the trailer and heading for the shop to get a motor hung in a few days Going with a 60 horse yamaha.
  5. An other OC20 build !!

    Wow as always looking good That looks like it should work like a charm
  6. Marissa # 63

    This is my peanut gallery My wife sculpts
  7. Marissa # 63

    Thought i would post a few pics. Most everything seems to be moving along as it needs to other than the loss of my brain cells due to my growing addition to paint fumes. On the good side the temp here in the south along with the humidity i am hoping will drop allowing me to open up the doors. If not my boat is going to be owned by a cabbage
  8. Marissa # 63

    Thankyou . Is Easy Poxy Electric sapphire blue with Bikini Blue
  9. Marissa # 63

    Little rough in plumbing done.
  10. Marissa # 63

    Feeling of impending doom
  11. Marissa # 63

    So i have a couple coats of paint on and am gonna turn it over as i am sure that will not be the last coat of paint. Infact i am counting on it. Gonna turn it over on Saturday and get after the fitting out so to speak Gonna make a little cradle for it to sit in while that is being done on the morrow
  12. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    LOL That is really were i found him. He was in it under the sink at my father in laws fishing camp. he used to come out in the evening and just sit there and watch my wife and I . I let him go in the north forty and we never saw it again.
  13. Ocracoke 20 in OZ

    This little fellow moved into our tempory diggs while we were building our house last year