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  1. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    I still need to varnish the gunwales, but the painting is done other than a little touch up. I'll confess that it's a 10' paint job but I think it looks pretty sweet at 10'. If I get bored over the winter I can always pretty it up. I ended up buying about twice as much paint as I needed.
  2. B&B Messabout 2017

    Thanks, I plan to be there Friday afternoon with my Spindrift.
  3. B&B Messabout 2017

    Could you tell us what accommodations are available in the area ? thanks, Hugh
  4. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    I've gotten the interior of the dinghy primed, painted, and varnished. Now I just need to finish cutting out and glassing the dagger board slot on the bottom of the hull and I can start painting the outside. It feels like the end is almost in sight. I still have over a month of summer left to finish my winter project so I'm feeling pretty good about getting to go sailing this year.
  5. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    Now that I have the original seats patched up and the new seats built I've applied a final coat of epoxy to everything. Besides being held in place by the thwart there are also 'things for which I do not have a name' preventing the seats from sliding into the center of the hull. I have also added 3/4" bits of wood to the inside aft corners of the seats. If necessary I can arrange another attachment point to the original seats to stop the foam seats from moving when I forget which way is up. The seats still need another coat of epoxy but if I'm not mistaken (snicker) I just need to do another sanding pass on the fresh epoxy and then I can start painting this evening.
  6. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    Since my seating area and reserve buoyancy was now greatly reduced. I decided to build some removable foam seats. I had planned on adding additional seating anyways so chopping the seats was a blessing in disguise. Mmmmm lemonade not only does it quench your thirst but it keeps you humble too. I was told that using was paper with expanding foam was a terrible idea. It's true! Mmm sanding foam is sooo much fun. It doesn't create much of a mess at all. The foam seats are going to held in place by the thwart which will be bolted to the dagger board trunk. Normally the thwart is a seat for rowing but since I'm not interested in physical exertion and I wanted to preserve as much seating as possible I got a narrower board to act as the thwart. I got a board that was symmetrical fore and aft to the bulkheads. If I was a bit smarter I would have gotten an even narrower board to preserve more seating area.
  7. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    So it's been two months since the last update. The good news is I'm almost finished with the painting. ah ah-ha ah-ha-ha-hahahahahaha Installing the daggerboard trunk and mast step went easily enough other than aggravating and old knee injury and pulling a bunch of muscles in my leg. That definitely slowed the work for a while. Creating the bearings and shoulders for the three piece mast. Now that I had the keel installed I tested nesting the dinghy again and found that the bow was still contacting the seats. Not much point in having a nesting dinghy that doesn't nest so I decided to chop up my seats to make room for the bow. First I cried a bit then I went and bought a new tool woot! It fits! Just barely.
  8. Thanks for the tips. I've already placed the order for the 2lb foam so i'll plan on using a plywood top.
  9. Thanks again, I'll order some 2lb foam and will let you know how it goes.
  10. Thanks for the response. I was thinking I could mold the expanding foam in place. Basically put a lengthwise dam between the aft seats and the thwart cover everything with wax paper and then let the expanding foam mold itself to the curves of the hull. The thought was the only shaping I would have to do would be get the top of the foam blocks flat. From the little research I've done I was thinking 4lb foam would be needed for the strength. Do you think 2lb foam would be strong enough to sit on? I hadn't though about plywood boxes. Trying to build a box that would match the contours of the hull would be beyond my ability. Blue foam would be easier to work than plywood but would still take some artistry to get it to fit. Thanks, Hugh
  11. I've been thinking of using Urethane expanding foam to add removable seats to the rear half of my Nesting Spindrift. This would also add buoyance if the boat was swamped or capsized. I was wondering if anyone had done this and what type of foam to use. I see that you can get the foam in various weights. I was thinking I might wrap the foam in fiberglass after it was shaped to add strength if necessary but if the foam was strong enough to sit on without reinforcement that would make the job easier. Thoughts? thanks, Hugh
  12. As far as cutting the holes out I found that trying to cut the complete circle with the jig saw to be a bit of a disaster. On the second on I drilled a center hole and then made about a dozen straight cuts out to the circumference. This allowed me to make a much rounder hole for the second hatch. I also put a second layer of ply in the seats behind the hatches so ended cutting 4 holes. The ply doublers are less for strength then so the screw tips wouldn't be sticking out into my storage area.
  13. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    Thanks for all the comments. Most of the dry spots ended up being ground out as they were poking up over the rest of the area. I ended up filling the resulting divots with ez-weld wood repair epoxy. I think it'll look fine when it's done but the fiberglass wont be providing much structural integrity in those areas. It's definitely been quite the learning experience and I'm thinking of building another boat after this, though something smaller like a kayak or canoe. Since I've been buying woodworking tools during the build it would be a shame to only use them once.
  14. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    Well I didn't quite get to the painting stage but I am a bit closer. It ended up taking days to sand the hull down but now it's nice and smooth. At this point I still need to install the dagger board trunk, put in the mast step, and install the top of the forward seating area. The bolt holes for the two hulls ended up getting filled with epoxy and I was a bit sloppy drilling them out so I'll be filling them back up with epoxy and redriling them to get a better fit between the hulls. Hopefully I'll be able to start painting the interior by next weekend (hopefully). I didn't do the rope bit on the daggerboard as I was planning on covering the leading edge and keel with kevlar but the kevlar fabric I got was a complete mess so I'm on to plan B which is to just use a thin layer of sacrificial wood on the keel and just living with the daggerboard the way it is. You can see the dagger board in the foreground which is what the hull looked like before the days of sanding . I didn't round the edges of the hull where they mate which was a mistake so I ended up with some dry spots in the fiberglass on that edge.
  15. Spindrift 11N Build Log

    I'm going to be taking next week off so I'm hoping to get to the painting stage which leads me to ask what are my options for paint and how much paint will I likely need? I would like to paint the interior and bottom of the boat a flat white and the topsides a dark blue. I'm planning on leaving the gunwales and seating areas bright. thanks, Hugh