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  1. Spindrift 11n build in process

    Looking great man. The bulkheads, quarter knees, breast hook, and transom all look like they fit perfectly. It's amazing how long it takes to move clamps and braces around. Make sure to check for twist before filleting. My method is on my thread.
  2. Spindrift 12 build log

    Thanks, Don. The trailer has tongue weight. The trailer and the boat together are only 300 lbs so there's only so much I can add. I will put a spare tire further forward to add weight. I'm not ready for freeway trailering. I haven't fully figured out how to secure the bow using only a bow painter. Yesterday, I used home depot poly line for the bow and found it too stretchy. I think also that Trailex intends for you to use the bow roller tower handles as a kind of cleat to secure the bowline. Now that I've built a boat, the real learning begins.
  3. Spindrift 12 build log

    Guys, I adjusted the front roller higher so that it's supportign the keel. I'm not thrilled with the front bumper tower but didn't really want to buy the winch and tower. I'm just going to use another ratchet strap on the front. The oar leathers are duct-taped on. I'm going to try it out. Don, the wheels are 8". I could probably drop the bunks another 2 inches but was thrilled with how well they fit so I didn't want to adjust anything. The clearance of the keel over the center beam is actually not great. I did a good job measuring and beveling the bunks before I put on the boat. I can always adjust later. This trailer's so light I'm probably going to use is as a dolly when I get to the ramp. It's not very long, so it's impossible to see where it's going from the rearview. I probably need to add some guide-ons as Chick suggested. Finally, I ordered a clamp for the hitch to eliminate the slop between the hitch and receiver. I took the empty trailer up to about 50 mph and didn't notice any fishtailing.
  4. Spindrift 12 build log

    I'm launching her tomorrow. Here she is on a Trailex SUT 250-S:
  5. Motor Canoe project

    I think I'm just going to use an artist's brush and then wet-sand to 1500 grit. BTW, on Offcenterharbor.com, I saw a video where the guy said he put two coats of Brightsides on within 24 hours without sanding. I tested this idea with the first spot my toddler scratched. After I put the boat in the water HOPEFULLY THIS WEEKEND, I'll know whether the paint stuck to the previous layer.
  6. Motor Canoe project

    Robert, How do you touch-up scratches? I finished painting my boat and the toddler has already tried to sand it twice. The first set of scratches were within 24 hours so I tried putting on touch-up paint without sanding. The second set are after the paint has cured for a week. It seems like I can rough-up the spot and hit it with a small hobby paint brush but it definitely stands out from the rest of the paint job.
  7. Sandpaper

    If I could sand my boat all over again, I would've taken Dave's suggestion. I also like the 3M scotch-brite scrub pads of various grits. I found the very-fine pad to be great between finish coats. For the RO sander, I just use 8-hole 80-grit discs from Home Depot and replace them often. I'm coming to hate production sandpaper.
  8. A "micro" tender for Carlita

    Will there be a sailing version? What was the final weight?
  9. Spindrift 12 build log

    I suppose I could put something like this on the back and just drill. There's nothing that says I can't drill into the frame. I can also U-bolt on new bunk brackets. I guess the remaining question is, "Can I make the suspension the appropriate weight?" Generally, these PVC suspensions are rated to 1000 lbs. Even if I pulled out springs, I doubt I could get it down below 500 lbs.
  10. Spindrift 12 build log

    @Steve W @Thrillsbe I see a couple of PWC trailers. They aren't drilled for bunk brackets nor do they have keel rollers. I'd also have to take out springs. Here's a good example: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/tro/d/shorelander-single-pwc-trailer/6256041125.html Does this look like a bargain? I'm concerned I'd put another $200 into it and a lot of work and still not get what I want.
  11. how to post photos

    I can't get the 'drag files here' feature to work.
  12. Spindrift 12 build log

    Still waiting to hear on whether I can buy a used trailer with a spring weight capacity of 500 lbs. If not, I"m buying a Trailex 250-S. Anderson bailer installation follows. I went underneath the boat and measured over from the centerline 3/8" for the keel + 3/8" for the bailer flange + 1/2" for a safety margin and to clear most of the centerboard trunk glass tape. Then I traced around the cardboard template. I drilled a small hole in one corner of the template trace to mark that corner. I positioned the corner of the template over the hole drilled from underneath the boat and measured to ensure that the template was parallel to the centerline After measuring to ensure that the template was parallel to the centerline, I drew around it. I routed out the inlay using a dremel pretty much how Alan did it in his Coresound 15 build (video 18 or 19). I drilled 1/8" holes through the Anderson bailer's fastener holes into the hull as I set it in the cut-out. Then I widened the holes to 3/16" to be plugged with epoxy and cabosil. I counter-sunk each hole. I put 3 coats of epoxy on the inlay. I bedded-in the bailer with LifeCalk and put the bolts through the 1/8" re-drilled holes. The bailer ended up 3/4" over from the keel.
  13. Marissa # 63

    Looking through the description of Marissa on B and B Yacht Designs, this looks like a power boat intended for people with a lot of common sense because of its low cost of ownership. Out here, people like throwing $50k at a MasterCraft and another $50k on the truck to pull it. Common sense is uncommon in the land of the fruits, nuts and flakes. Do you guys sell many of these plans and kits?
  14. Marissa # 63

    Yeah that is a baller shed. It also has all the tools I don't have but needed.
  15. Spindrift 12 build log

    Here's another trailer option I found over on the Wooden Boat Forum. I've also heard of people converting kayak trailers for light wooden boats. I think I've come full-circle on Trailex also. I might just order one.