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  1. Thanks, Alan. And thanks for highlighting the donation link to Wayback Machine. A correction on Rogue Paddler. I referred to him as Ken W., he's actually Wes K. Here is another historical question. A CS 20 owner was interested in cruising from Florida to Belize via Cuba a few years back. The forum has good discussion about preparing for a long sail. Does anyone know if the cruise happened?
  2. Last year I was able to access the rogue paddler site and it was valuable to completing my CS 20. But now it leads me to some kind of financial site. Has anyone saved the information and photos so that I can see it? I know the author, Ken W. Is no longer active on this forum. Thanks.
  3. Core Sound 20. Original version. No tabernacle so the masts ride on crutches. Based on earlier responses I bought some pipe insulation today for sprits. Tiller rudder is a tough fit in the cockpit and I don't want it bouncing around while trailering.
  4. Sorry about the disjointed typing. I did a system update on my phone and there are some bugs.
  5. In particular, how to you secure the sprits and tiller/rudder? I try tying the sprits with the sheets to hold them down, but not satisfied. Has anyone developed a clamping system? And I have been leaving the rudder in place, but it seems vulnerable to damage. I appreciate any suggestions.
  6. George, your "other project" is a really big motorboat, or routine maintenance below the waterline. Can't tell. Good luck with it, don't let it interfere with boatbuilding.
  7. i was watching this while waiting for Graham to tell us about his cruise. Reminds me of what a CS can do.
  8. Even the sprits are blue. Good look.
  9. I see where Paul356's through bolts make sense since the load is not really sideways to the sprit. My plans don't show that arrangement, I suppose because the rigging specs have been updated over the years.
  10. I think bolts are overkill. I didn't do it and haven't seen any strain on the fittings. I don't recall the plans calling for bolts. Bolts would be good if you had a fitting that was being pulled directly out of the sprit, not sideways like the cheekblocks.
  11. I made my sprits according to an early spec sheet so they were too short for the updated sail plan I installed. I ended up splicing in extra length plus a few more inches. I haven't noticed a problem with the extra length and it is easy to cut it down. If I were using new sails I think I would try out the longer sprit and then trim it when you determine the exact length you want.
  12. Thanks for posting pictures and videos of the event. It's great to see extended clips of the boats sailing from the vantage point of another boat.
  13. Rob and others, Thanks for your comments. it looks like the BR 20 takes quite a bit of water as ballast. That explains a lot about the boats stability.
  14. Graham, Rob, or anyone with knowledge of the subject, Do you consider the single mast main/jib rig to be equal or better than a cat ketch rig in the conditions Rob encountered. Or vice versa. Or does the Bayraider 20 simply have some advantages at times?
  15. It looks like a good design. I hope you don't mind if I copy it. The tricky detail is to get a seal around the mast for rain. The halyards and other lines being in the way. That's why I thought about using the mizzen as a ridge pole and covering the entire cockpit as necessary. Your design is better to set up.