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  1. We are working on the 256 redoing some items. We replaced the teak across the back and rounded the corners because it was fitted with square corners and it did not look good square also we replaced the toe rail it was installed with screws so we replaced with teak and glued it on the deck to give it a cleaner look and enlarged the bow section of the toe rail so we can install the bow navigational light on the teak portion so it can be seen better. Also we flared the sheers from mid ship forward and replaced the mid rails with a composite material instead of the fir that was used. Using other than a rot resistant material on the rails it is not a good idea since that is where most of the abuse is on a boat (banging against docks and pilings) we were going to use teak or mahogany but we decided to use a composite instead (easier to work with) also we are going to use a solid SS rub rail instead of hollow back type, when you put pressure against the hollow back it acts like a set of knifes and cuts in the rail and water gets inside the structure behind it and rots.
  2. Alan I don't care nor do I have anything to gain from bashing Chris.You should not assume from what I had posted that those were my intentions.I think Chris is a talented craftsman and he has done a great job building our boat as far as he got, being a good craftsman is one thing being a good business man is another. That is all I have to say to you and others, I know you are having a business relationship with him and you cannot be impartial nor I expect you to take sides one way or another. As far as I am concerned the matter is outside this group. Will try to keep the group informed on the progress of our project. Have a good day George
  3. I think he was rough and some what disrespectful to some people. I will be giving you all a insight of the relationship that I had with Chris during our project next few days. By the way our boat was not delivered.... It was removed!! It was not finished.... either. Have a great day. George
  4. I will be posting an update on our boat next few days. I know several people want to know the status of this project and I will be posting pictures and updates regularly. I am not sure if Chris deleted his account or he was removed...!!! Have a good day. George
  5. The hull color is seafoam green, the hatches are built out of wood and fiberglassed over.
  6. No it is a twin set up. We are using twin Suzuki 175 HP with electronic controls. Same weight as the 150's almost same fuel burn but extra 50 hp for the added weight and features of this boat.
  7. The front frame will be used later on to attach a rod/ pole/ gaff bracket so it will look as a built in support for that purpose and it will not be out of place. I know when you look at it know it does look odd. when the boat is trimmed out it will be part of the whole set up.
  8. 264 to Washington is open, but you will need to through Chocowinity to Hwy 33 to get to Mesic don't try hwy 17 south I don't think is open yet.
  9. Nice, i like the skiff almost as much as the 256….!!!! Will be hard not to buy it….Maybe I can 2 for the price one. See you soon.
  10. I think you will need a bigger tent
  11. That looks awesome, You can really get a feel of the size of the 256 vs the 20 nice looking boats both.....!!!! Great job.
  12. It was great to see you again Chris, enjoyed seeing the boat up close. You are doing a great job, can't wait til you prime it and flip it. Thanks George