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  1. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    Par, Will do
  2. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    Par, Soon as I get off this ship and back to dry land (end of the week) I'll be more than happy to cruise over! Thank you so much! I'll PM you in a couple of days. Hulsey
  3. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    dfichtx, Thank you for the response, I haven't the slightest cue what your talking about other than Douglas Fir! I am building this little boat for experience and for my children to enjoy, I know nothing about sailing! I sailed phrams at sailing camp about 28 years ago, but thats it. I am a decent woodworker and was contemplating making a mast all from wood, I'm pretty handy with a draw-knife and spokeshave, but I just figured the Alum. would be easier and faster.
  4. Par,

    I noticed that you had a Spindrift Mast in a post from last year "just laying around", do you still have it and would you like to ride yourself of it?


  5. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    I have been shopping for the aluminum tubing suggested for my Spindrift 10 build; which I intend on starting soon. My plans dictate 6061 T-6 tubing, however they do not list anything other than OD, what wall thickness and ID is preferred? Thank you in advance, Hulsey
  6. Ocracoke 20B Build

    I am considering this boat as well, I hope that I may learn by watching you! Any progress?