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  1. Spindrift 10 build

    Damn it, Thrillsbe you trying to get me misty eyed? I'm 39 and would do anything to have something that I did with my dad; he has been gone 4 years now. Enough said, I will not bitch about my kids ever ( in this respect anyway) again. You guys on here are awesome.
  2. Spindrift 10 build

    Thank you all gentlemen, great group of folks on this site.
  3. Spindrift 10 build

    Thank you gentlemen, I have tried and tried to get the kids in on it, I have a 14 year old daughter which could never be bothered enough to be involved other than for some pictures for Instagram of her in it sailing on a perfect ( picture perfect) day, a 10 year old son who is far more interested in Playstation and soccer to care much, however the 4 year old baby girl is out there with me all the time. And the 10'er is absolutely a step to bigger dreams, I had rebuilt a 25' Classic Mako CC and had it for a couple years before the crash in the oil field forced me to sell it. I wanted to build the OK25, but I needed to prove that I could build a "boat" lol, I know perfectly well that the Spindrift is in a different galaxy than a OK25 but she- the wife doesnt, and she did see me finish the mako and she enjoyed being on it, so I got that going for me.
  4. Spindrift 10 build

    Alex, I have been married 17 years now and I cant hide anything from that woman! She is like a forensic accountant and does all the books as I have spent my adult life on ships around the world, its hard to take care of stuff in the middle of the ocean. I have a job on a drillship now with really cool stuff like phones and internet but the damage has been done- cant hide nothing! That's why I started a carpentry business, separate stream of money! As for her telling me how much she spends.....gave up caring long ago. When I tell her about anything I want to do she automatically adds double time and money already - like I said 17 years, she knows me better than I do.
  5. Spindrift 10 build

    Good day all, I have been working on this Spindrift 10 quietly in between my Merchant Marine job, three kids and my "other" job of owning my own carpentry business when I am off the ship. I received the plans months before I started. And as with most of you, life has a tendency of getting in the way whenever you say " I am going to make some headway today, this week, this month". I cut out all the parts and got the boat stitched up in May, took the summer off and got back to it in Oct. considering since May I have only had two and a half months off I dont think Im too bad off. Cost....did I mention I have three kids! anyway my wife almost had a heart attack when four sheets of plywood cost 400 bucks so I have been slowly spending money, the below pictures are the result of TWO quarts of resin and the hardener. Please dont freak out, I have only tacked the panels and full on glued the stringers,gunwales ect. I was very careful to watch out for twist and fairness along the way and think its pretty good so far, but Im a boat driver not a boat builder yet so I may be wrong. You'll notice the plans in the boat looking very well used, I have read them so many times I barely need to look at them anymore ( I still do to make sure of stuff) and I have a "shop" set and a study set. B an B has no need to worry about me making copies...the shop set will be worn pretty thin by the end. I wish I could just work on it all day everyday, I love building things out of wood and boats sure beat the sh#t out of anything else in my opinion.
  6. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    Par, Will do
  7. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    Par, Soon as I get off this ship and back to dry land (end of the week) I'll be more than happy to cruise over! Thank you so much! I'll PM you in a couple of days. Hulsey
  8. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    dfichtx, Thank you for the response, I haven't the slightest cue what your talking about other than Douglas Fir! I am building this little boat for experience and for my children to enjoy, I know nothing about sailing! I sailed phrams at sailing camp about 28 years ago, but thats it. I am a decent woodworker and was contemplating making a mast all from wood, I'm pretty handy with a draw-knife and spokeshave, but I just figured the Alum. would be easier and faster.
  9. Par,

    I noticed that you had a Spindrift Mast in a post from last year "just laying around", do you still have it and would you like to ride yourself of it?


  10. Spindrift 10 Mast?

    I have been shopping for the aluminum tubing suggested for my Spindrift 10 build; which I intend on starting soon. My plans dictate 6061 T-6 tubing, however they do not list anything other than OD, what wall thickness and ID is preferred? Thank you in advance, Hulsey
  11. Ocracoke 20B Build

    I am considering this boat as well, I hope that I may learn by watching you! Any progress?