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  1. After a 3 month break to get some sun and let my hands heal I got back on the project in the middle of April. It was hard to be away for so long! When I left it was time to start fairing the hull and begin fiberglassing. I have been getting a bit of help from a young women, (when did 32 become young?) who wants to learn about boatbuilding and woodworking. Up until now this has been a solo project. Great to have another set of hands mixing epoxy and spending some time behind the torture board. The enthusiasm of youth is wonderful! The hull is quite fair at this point, all exterior fiberglass completed, and antifouling paint applied to the DWL. I will raise the antifouling up a few inches after flipping and the bootstripe and finish LPU is applied. Having the DWL readily marked will make leveling easy after the flip. Should flip "ROSIE" over in a week or two after spraying some high build and finish primer to the topsides. Used Interlux 2000e barrier coat on the bottom and will apply Alexseal epoxies and LPU on the topsides. I am very excited to see her coming to life. The lines are a thing of beauty. Hat off to Graham on his artistry on this one! Here is a link to a video of one hour of fiberglassing condensed into 17 seconds. Would love to figure out how to do that in real life! Here is a link to a photo album with captions of the build so far if you want to see more detail. Cheers, Ken
  2. Hi Guys- thanks for the insights! Since my own personal edge isn't as sharp as it once was I might has well keep the edges a bit soft on my chines... Glad to save some work and be able to get back to the Torture Board. Cheers, Ken
  3. Thanks for the input Egbert.
  4. Wondering what some of you Bluejacket Builders did? Any guidance from Tom on spending time sharpening the edges? Thanks again. Ken
  5. PAR- I am talking about an Outer Banks 26. Doubt I will be racing it:). Just dont want to be racing to the gas pump. Cheers, ken
  6. Hi Guys, How much effort is it worth to take the 3/8" radius on my chine and transom edges and sharpen them? I rounded them prior to glassing and know that sharper edges are more efficient but also more prone to damage. I don't have a sense of how much difference I will notice in terms of fuel efficiency, etc. Any wisdom appreciated. Thanks! Ken
  7. Bob- I don't think there is a completed OB24 yet. Here is a link to Russell's OB24 which will have a differnet cabin then the original design. Around a year ago I had the same inquiry as you and long story short am building an OB26. Graham and Alan are still putting the finishing touchs on the plan set. Below is a link to my build. Should be flipping it over pretty soon. Mine will have a slightly longer trunk cabin and a recessed anchor well in the bow. I will update this page soon with recent progress. Cheers, Ken
  8. Jim,c I am intrigued by EZ ACDC. Never heard of them before and wonder if the quality is top notch. I have done lots of marine wiring but don't need to reinvent the wheel. Anything that gets my Outer Banks 26 in the water sooner is appealing. Any other thoughts or comments appreciated. cheers, Ken
  9. Beautiful boat! Thanks for the info. Ken
  10. Looks great John!! Looking forward to seeing more pics as you go. I am a few steps behind you as I build my OB26. Nice to have some inspiration! Ken
  11. Another product I have had good luck with is Bristol Yacht Finish. It is a 2 part system that is similar to an automotive clear coat but with more UV inhibitors. It has a more amber cast, much like a traditional spar varnish. I have beat the daylights out of some of my boats that have been coated with it and it has held up amazingly well. It sprays well but has the safety issues of many of the 2 part systems. I have also rolled and tipped it and had it shrink up nicely and looks pretty close to being sprayed.
  12. These are both automotive clear coat and quite durable. Ken
  13. Egbert, Does 75hp seem like a good amount of power for your boat? Any idea what fuel consumption is? My guess is the OB 26 should have similar power needs. Ken
  14. Oyster, I have a bit of time before I am going to be buying a motor. I will add the Suzuki into the mix. I live on a small island so service is going to be part of what figures into the decison. Thanks for the input. Ken
  15. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. Egbert, how do you like your ETECH? I have a bit of time to decide on a motor but vacillate between the ETECH and a Yamaha 4 stroke.