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  1. CPR Training !

    Sore ribs and chest was one of the worst parts of my experience. What kind of wife breaks her husbands ribs. Spousal abuse?
  2. CPR Training !

    Meester, That is pretty amazing. Whats in a name? Ken
  3. Engine Footprint (FLAT AREA)

    Thanks Oyster!
  4. Hi Guys- I am getting close to getting a motor for Rosie and need to think about mounting it. That beautifully curved transom on the Outerbanks needs a flat area for the the engine mount. I could guess by looking at the standard BIA bolt pattern but thought some input from the forum might save some hassle. Thanks. Ken
  5. CPR Training !

    Hi All, As some of you know I had a Coronary Arrest 3 months ago. I have been beyond lucky to have survived with some of the docs calling it a miracle. I know this is a bit off topic for this forum but I know a lot of us are "mature" and the possibility of a heart event increases with age. My wife Luanne performed CPR on me for 19 minutes and was instrumental in me being around to write this post. Since I am forever grateful to be alive and able to go back to kayak racing and building my Outer Banks 26, I am encouraging my friends to consider taking a CPR course. If I had a choice I certainly would have skipped this event but since I have been so fortunate, I feel like I owe to others in my life to encourage you to learn this skill and perhaps save a life. My survival has kicked up a lot of dust here in British Columbia with newspaper and radio stories. Luanne was given "THE VITAL LINK" award. Lots of unwanted attention but I am getting lots of hugs from pretty girls, better discounts at the lumber yard, calls and visits from friends, etc. Got to skim the cream off of these otherwise unfortunate obstacles life can throw at you! Here are a couple of links if you have any interest in knowing more. One is a radio interview with Luanne and the other a text story. Again, please accept my apologies if this seems inappropriate use of this forum. http://www.cbc.ca/listen/shows/all-points-west http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/cpr-saves-husbands-life-1.4516166 Carpe Diem, Ken P.S. Rosie is coming along nicely. I will try to get some progress photos up soon.
  6. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Steve- Looks fabulous! Keep up the fine work. I better get off this computer now and get to work. Thanks for the inspiration. Ken
  7. Aussie Open OB-20 #26

  8. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Looks great!!!
  9. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Steve- Thanks for asking! So far, so good. According to the docs I am way ahead of their expectations. Up here in Canuckistan they take your driving “privileges” away for 6 months after a cardiac arrest. The docs decided I was ok to drive after 1 month which I took to be a good sign. I am back on the water kayaking but not training for any of the Winter or Spring races. The docs have me on some magic potions (pills) that are supposed help my recovery and keep me alive. They make me tired so my time in the shop has been cut back but I am still plugging away most days. Fewer hours for sure. The interior is coming together slowly. Luanne is always nice to me. More than I deserve. Since the “event” she is even nicer. Yep, watching her stack the firewood today made me feel a bit guilty. She didn’t know I was up in the shop resorting my lumber at the same time. Let’s hope she doesn’t loose her mind and decide to start reading this forum:). Anyway, given the choice I would avoid a heart attack but one great benefit is getting great calls, cards and visits from friends . Always knew I was a lucky guy but the past few months have really driven that home. I will try to get some pics together of progress on ROSIE in the near future. Cheers, Ken
  10. Utah OB20

    Carter, There is nothing like a cloud of toxic dust and aching arms to make you feel sane ! Keep up the mental health work! It is only a non - boatbuilder that would call you crazy and what do they know? K
  11. Utah OB20

    If you love this hobby after time behind a longboard, you are hooked! Are there mental health services in your part of the world?:)
  12. Utah OB20

    Carter, I like to precoat and let it partially cure before applying the fabric. Depending on the epoxy you are using, you can let the seal coat get dry to the touch and still get a chemical bond without sanding. System Three, for instance, says you can wait up to 72 hours before you need to sand. As long as you can lay the glass down without it sticking in that time frame you are all set. I have not had great luck with peel ply on large surfaces. I have used it for smaller vacuum bagging projects but have had nothing but grief on large areas. That said, lots of people swear by it. Enjoy. Ken
  13. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Carter, Thanks for the encouragement!! I am far to stubborn to quit. Happy New Year. Ken (aka Lazarus)
  14. Outer Banks 26 #1

    PAR- Yep, don’t rub it in. Trying to find pants to fit is a real struggle! Don’t get me started on shoes!!
  15. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Hi Guys- Thanks for all of the input. Hereditary is a hard one to overcome. I have worked pretty hard most of my adult life to stay heathy and fit. Up until this event it seemed that it worked. I was not feeling great a few weeks before the event and had to drop out of a race which I never did before. I was given a stress test, ECG and the resuts were that I was healthier than most guys 20 years younger. We never know what life has cooked up for us until we look in the rear view mirror. The Docs and EMT’s said that my chances of survival were around 6%! My wife is a hero! She was nominated for a VITAL LINK award for saving a life in an unlikely circumstance. Good thing she doesn’t like diamonds! Being an American and moving to Canada some years back I can’t say enough about the care I received here. They sent a helicopter to take me to the best cardiac center (fog kept them from being able to transport me). They then held up the local ferry and had 2 different ambulances involved in getting me to the hospital. The state of the art care was off the charts good. Workd class and cutting edge. We pay around $100/month for our medical insurance which covers both of us. They actually LOWERED the permiums this year! Never filled out a piece of paper, no arguments with an insurance company and a total out of pocket cost of $10.00 for some aspirin. Here is a picture of me on my 64th birthday in July. Ken