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  1. Utah OB20

    Carter- looks really nice! Love seeing your pics. Ken
  2. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Yikes! Changed the battery in my motorcycle today and had a new respect for the " acid bomb" that I swapped out. Thanks Dave.
  3. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Thanks again Egbert!
  4. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Egbert- thanks for the input. Any pics of your tank installation and venting? Your choices make a good case for an aluminum tank. Don't need to do it twice. Did you add foam for floatation? I have assumed that I would use some rigid foam under the cockpit deck but I am having second thoughts. The price here is absurd for the foam and not sure if it is the best path anyway. Might build airtight floatation chambers instead. Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers, Ken
  5. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Ken, Thanks for the input! Ken
  6. Utah OB20

    Carter, The boat looks good! For the stringers I just rigged up a simple steam box. A high output kettle and a piece of scrap PVC pipe I had laying around. The pipe gets a bit noodle like but works fine. I have a bigger steam box for larger pieces of wood but this set up was perfect for this application. I was using air dried Yellow Cedar which bends nicely. Kiln dried fir, for example, is a bigger challenge. I did one piece of the the sheer clamp at a time. Let it sit for a few hours after steaming and then glue. Getting sticky is a way of life for the modern boatbuilder:). cheers, Ken
  7. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Thanks Oyster!
  8. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Oyster, Yep, planning to glass with 6oz using DWX epoxy. Duckworks claims it has UV inhibitors but I don't totally trust that. I have had really good luck with BRISTOL as a long lasting and durable top coat. Keep the comments coming! cheers, Ken
  9. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Oyster, A little late in the game to not be foolish. The engine will have a 25" shaft. Thanks. cheers, Ken
  10. Hi All- More questions for the Bluejacket Brain Trust. Time for me to find a fuel tank for my OB26 build. Going back and forth on plastic vs aluminum, which I am sure some of you have done as well. I am familiar with the potential for odors from plastic and possible corrosion from aluminum. Any input from your experience including tips on venting the tank space would be greatly appreciated. I am likely to use either a Yamaha or Suzuki 90 for power. I am wondering if anybody can give dimensions on the depth of the splashwell needed for these motors? Any input on preference for either brand? Build or buy pilot house windows? I know some have had issues with home built windows leaking and being noisy. Your thoughts and experience would be helpful. Is there a support group for guys that have trouble painting over wood? I spent years in the tropics aboard my sailboat chasing brightwork maintenance. Actually my wife took care of that end of things until we painted over the wood (ouch). Now, in British Columbia and fully intending not to have bright work on this boat, my hands are quivering at the thought of painting over the beautiful Occume cabin sides. Coatings have gotten better, less sun are the rationalization I am using. Anybody want to talk me off of this cliff? Anybody else want to discuss this affliction? Confidentiality assured:). Thanks again for the help!! Cheers, Ken
  11. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Thanks Dave!
  12. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Steve, is there much 3:00am thinking in this plan? Seems to be my planning time these days. Ken
  13. Ocracoke 256 hull #2 Build

    Steve- WOW! Your boat looks awesome. I think I might get a stomach ache trying to figure out want all of those conduits are for. Would love to know what you are planning. Keep the pics coming. Enjoy! Cheers, Ken
  14. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Dave- Thanks for the kudos. Funny you should say all that since I periodically look at your Blujacket build and have moments of near panic looking at all of your thoughtful and amazing detailing. I think we all have a lot to learn from each other and that is the beauty of this community. I thought of calling you the other day to get some advice on a few of your details. I am away from home for a few days trying to think about somthing other than my OB26. BUSTED! What am I doing on this site?? Cheers, Ken
  15. Outer Banks 26 #1

    Steve- The Festool stuff is really pricey but saves lots of time. Dominos are WAY stronger than biscuits. I have used them in lots of applications and never a failure. Check out the chairs in the link below. For years I did complicated and time consuming chair joinery and made these with dominos. They seem bulletproof. The time saving on this set was worth thenprice of the machine. https://goo.gl/photos/WgFq3WJjAQjQLLiPA cheers, Ken