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  1. I'm here! Nose buried in computers and trip planners. I don't know if I'll EVER be home long enough for another boat, but can't hurt to dream! Nice speck fillets there, Mike!!
  2. I'm wanting a 14 - 16 foot displacement hull that can be rowed nicely yet can also be powered by my 7 1/2 hp outboard. It will be fastened ply on frame (will use PL Premium... I've been reading the pros and cons for years, but it continues to do well on my last build). It will be used on calm slow rivers, tidal creeks, and the occasional small lake. Don't care for excessive freeboard, 'cause I wanna be able to climb in and out with relative ease. I'm pretty solid right now on a Monk Skiff... ... but would like to check out other options. There really aren't a lot of choices in these skiffs, especially for those wishing to avoid stitch and glue. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  3. This boat deserves some major attention from a couple of publications!!
  4. This thread's better'n triple chocolate ice cream!!
  5. Can't wait to see this thing on the water!
  6. Bumping Mike to show us more pictures!
  7. OH, MIKEY!! I know that boat still doesn't look the same!!! More, my man!!
  8. I'm drooling... Thatsa one sweet boat, Mike!!!
  9. That's a sweet thing to behold. If you're around, I might come look at it next week. I'll be in Cherry Grove.
  10. Nah... just retired!
  11. I like the hull color, Mike! Coming along nicely. I can see a wet hull before fall!
  12. Ok, where do you go to school to learn all this stuff?? ??? ;D
  13. WHEW!! That's a relief. Now that I know it won't sink I'll go float in it!! ;D
  14. Awesome little ship, Mike!
  15. That it?? C'mon, Mikey, show us more!! ;D