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  1. Interview with Graham

    Just finished listening to it. It's 31 mins. but well worth it!
  2. Interview with Graham

    Hooked on Wooden Boats released the interview with Graham recorded at the 2017 Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend Washington. http://hookedonwoodenboats.com/howb-199-interview-graham-brynes-owner-founder-bb-yacht-designs/ Enjoy
  3. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly 2"

    Cant mizzen to windward to get it out of main's backwind?
  4. Aussie CS 20-3#5 "Dragonfly 2"

    Pardon me PAR, but what are you talking about? I locked back at prior posts and don't understand.
  5. Graham Podcast Interview

    On the top of the site click on [PODCAST INDEX], then scroll down (a lot!) to get to Podcast 195 " Highlights of 2017 Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival" He mentions seeing Graham & Carlita and says he recorded a podcast with Graham, but it will be a while before he posts it. Maybe feedback from B&B'ers might speed him up?
  6. CS15 with a lug yawl rig

    Very good looking, especially the home made sails. GIR, a Goat Island Skiff, has done 2 or 3 Texas 200's which involve a lot of running downwind in heavy air and no one has mentioned death rolls. See: https://www.storerboatplans.com/design/rig/sails/sailing-unstayed-cat-ketches-and-cat-yawls-safely-and-efficiently-downwind-in-strong-winds/ Great job on the boat!
  7. CS15 with a lug yawl rig

    Meester, After a couple months use, do you have any comments on the rig? Any pictures?
  8. Carlita is off on a new adventure

    Graham, Any pictures yet?
  9. Marissa # 63

    Take a look at page 13 of Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA to see how he did it with a heavier boat.
  10. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Why don't you try a counterweight on the bottom end of the mainmast. You could try strapping weights onto the forward side of the mast with hose clamps to make the experiment reversible. If it works, you could go with lead inside the mast.
  11. For drilling a prop shaft....

    Unless you have an unusually short (fore & aft) stern post/shaft log, No 1 is the only choice
  12. A "micro" tender for Carlita

    Is the dink why Graham never fitted a dodger?
  13. Texas 200

    Tiger, How did you do the seams? Thought you swore off epoxy!
  14. I think the leather thread was Chick's motor canoe'
  15. Texas 200

    Graham,. Did you experiment with the smaller vane that Alan mentioned in the video?