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  1. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Why don't you try a counterweight on the bottom end of the mainmast. You could try strapping weights onto the forward side of the mast with hose clamps to make the experiment reversible. If it works, you could go with lead inside the mast.
  2. For drilling a prop shaft....

    Unless you have an unusually short (fore & aft) stern post/shaft log, No 1 is the only choice
  3. A "micro" tender for Carlita

    Is the dink why Graham never fitted a dodger?
  4. Texas 200

    Tiger, How did you do the seams? Thought you swore off epoxy!
  5. I think the leather thread was Chick's motor canoe'
  6. Texas 200

    Graham,. Did you experiment with the smaller vane that Alan mentioned in the video?
  7. Texas 200

    Graham. How did Carlita do to windward 'the hard way'? How did your self steering work? Any observations on the TX 200? Any photos or videos? Thanks
  8. Red Hot Compass Deal

    Thrillsbe: "If I were to circumnavigate with my BRS15, the variation would change continuously, but the variation would remain constant." Dis you mean the declantion would change continuously?
  9. Motor Canoe project

    If you look at the other Youtube links in Thrillsbe's post, you will find 2 that use a roller on the rear of the roof This uses a PVC roller- it is in German, but a Ludwig should spreken, nein? This uses a kayak cart
  10. Randy- IMHO the mizzen only thing works for you because the bare main mast is up for balance. Why don't you try the mizzen in the middle mast step? it seems from Greendane's post that the mizzen sprit is higher.
  11. Motor Canoe project

    Chick, This may give you some ideas for loading the canoe, and maybe also Turtler too.
  12. Texas 200

    What Lennie & Steve said!
  13. Core Sound 20 Mark 3 Build - Chesapeake, VA

    Pics work for me
  14. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Alan, How do you disconnect the mizzen or mizzen staysail halyard from the main masthead once the main mast is up?
  15. From Spot it looks like Waldo's home. How about report & Pics