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  1. Love your anchor roller. Does the anchor automatically rotate from fluke forward, like the first photo to fluke aft, like the second photo? Also, you might want to think about incorporating a pair of wooden chocks into the design: Maybe a good winter project?
  2. Here is a report on the EC from LowRider, another class 4 (RoG 15). He mentions all the CS boats/people.
  3. PAR, based on the video of Alan in the CS 15, the CS's shouldn't be afraid of the tacking part, or are you saying that the production boats point higher?
  4. Graham, I know you didn't have much of a test before you scratched, but what do you think of her longer board?
  5. Nothing, I was able to open & read it
  6. i can't open the attachment
  7. This topic is a gentle hint to remind Roo and SOS that there is interest in knowing their experiences and observations on the EC
  8. Try posting the question in the Website Q & A section. I got an answer from Frank quickly yesterday there
  9. Try and also the WaterTribe facebook page, but it's a closed group, so you may not be able to get on.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply, Frank
  11. Twice this week I have attached photos by accident and can see no way of deleting them.I see that Paul356 had the same problem. It is possible to delete attachments before posting?
  12. Make up a jig like this out of scrap. Angle it so the two legs contact the mast and the pencil will be on top of the mast. Move it down the mast, keeping it level. Sorry about the lousy sketch in MS Paint
  13. Looking at the EC results, Sewsew single handing a wing mast tri finished in 3d 10h 9m. Paul & Alan finished in 4d 13h 9m (27 hrs later) to take class 4. Considering they had a dismasting which cost them about 12 hrs to jury rig, this was an absolutely fantastic performance! Congrats, Guys! From Race Owl, the other CS 17's are doing well- Swimboy (singlehander) off Lower Matacumbe Key, Nomadic (two crew) leaving CP3. Maybe stock CS17 better than 'turbo' in heavy air? Any word about how Graham's doing? Sorry about wrong first attachment- I can't find out how to remove an attachment
  14. Here is the latest from Race Owl: Has anyone heard how Graham is doing?
  15. I just saw the picture of Carlita in the last EC with double reefed main. The jackstay would have to be so high up on the mast my idea probably would not be workable. How do you lower the sail past the snotter with your robands? Will lacing be any better? I like the Bolger vertical reef on Michalak's page. Maybe replace the top 2 or 3 zigzags with old school individual brails to avoid friction problems when shaking out a reef