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  1. I cannot speak for the new G10 tube epoxy. But FWIW in a previous life we used to use 404 West System filler in an epoxy mix for shims or wedges for big boat strut alignment, where it was under a lot of stress and never personally say a problem with it. So you could probably do your filling of the drilled out voids , say three inches wide by one inch or so with that. I don't think targeted tubes of any materials will do what you are attempting to do, since the loading is not spread across a larger area. Short of filling, a plate across the bolt pattern on the inside has always worked really well. I have also used layers of thickened glass to fill over sized holes too with success in plywood laminates.
  2. Thanks for the updates. I am still peeking over your shoulder. The finished product should be a mini yacht, with the direction that you are headed. I may have missed it. What engine are you planning?
  3. My speed is defined by SWMBO's comfort level. Whether the boat exceeds that level, I have never given a thought about that one. As it relates to efficiency, well the key is how on top of the water your boat runs. This is where I may differ from a lot of people. I am a big fan of external chine strakes, which does help with increasing speeds for the same setup and power, working with the reverse strakes more than just sharp chine edges .
  4. FWIW and anyone looking into a future build, with my E Bond I average out with shipping about 33 to 34 bucks a gallon in six gallon kits. The five gallon kits, two resin and one hardener saves me about one dollar a gallon. But that has to be shipped common carrier to a commercial address.
  5. Good job,
  6. I think Tom has a materials list that you can figure out your costs of the raw materials. I can tell you that the hull is pretty reasonable by comparison to build for what you end up with. . Its the lipstick , "high heels, tuxedos, and panty hose" that gets you. Don't forget the KISS direction and you will not be that bad off. I am not a person of fancy means, and if I can afford a facsimile , then you should be just fine, other than living in one of the most expensive states in the country, California. And the epoxy resin if bought from one outlet, E Bond will save you over half the price from most all other big named guys.
  7. That's a lot of work and rework that you are doing. Hopefully you will get it completed in short order so that you can hit the water this year.
  8. If you want a cheap and mindless guide coat for sanding and boarding your surface, just get you some food coloring and put it in denatured alcohol and apply it with a rag onto your kilz primed surface. Yep, been priming with that stuff and binzeed equivalent since the mid 80s. or so. I apply it right over fiberglass for building up and filling finish cloth weave in particular. And yes you can use after sanding under two part parts after allowing it to cure for a couple of weeks. That's the oil base INTERIOR stuff that costs 15 bucks a gallon versus several hundred bucks for a two part gallon kit. I also use microlight fairing compound over the kilz primer. Then recoat with primer one coat and paint.
  9. Concrete blocks or work out weights works well for clamping large surfaces together without leaving holes to fill.
  10. Its too bad that Graham had to pull out. He surely worked his butt off to get his boat right and attempted to enjoy the trip down before the race that he had to cut short too. Thankfully the mast did not fall and hurt Alan either. With the pattern of bad weather in March, maybe the race should be moved to maybe April. Mister Moon, was starting to worry about you, as I had not seen you posting. Check in sometime and lets catch up.
  11. Thanks, Hope you are having a good trip so far. Post some scenery shots if you get a chance.
  12. Back at you sir Greg!!!My luck has not run out yet. I am still on Skype, if you get the notion too. Send me a pm. and alert me, if you wish. Building consumes most of my days. Hope you and the family are doing well. I guess the kids are married by now too. Time flies....
  13. Don't sweat the small stuff. I have caught hell from my projects and some unorthodoxed construction methods over the years right along with building with reclaimed materials. This goes with the territory on the net in general. Keep posting, joking and poking away at your build and enjoy it on the water for however long you wish. Oh I almost forgot, EPOXY IS CRAP too, or so says the Committee.. I am still waiting to see the finished 256 from Chris, especially in person if its close to ENC before a good friend commits to such a project.
  14. "Boater Homing" Now that's a new term that needs to be added to the sales brochure. When you get time, tell us about the boarding ladder that's showing. Is it a collapsible one that you carry, and purchased off the shelf?
  15. I do not have any photo albums like Flicker. I do good to be able to log in on the forum. Egbert's album is a great resource though for detailed constructions for the BLuejacket for sure.