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  1. B&B Messabout 2017

    So VS grows on trees, kinda like money. You learn something new everyday. :<}}} I have kept two cans of it in my dry box for years. We used to use it on the charter boats and would actually warm it up on the manifolds of the diesel engines right along side of our baloney sandwiches wrapped in foil. Simplicity at its finest......
  2. B&B Messabout 2017

    I hope that lightning is not in your area in the next day or so.;<}
  3. advice need on towing an OC20

    If you have too much tongue weight, then your trailer undercarriage is located too far back for your boat for starters. Of course there are a wide variety of trailer manufacturers, which also are built for big outboards to deal as a counterweight. So the axle or axles are too far back. With these custom boats most boats use smaller engines for the size of the boat so this creates a heavier tongue weight. You don't say your location so I don't know what is available in your area. When you find a trailer that you think would work, then maybe post a picture or give us the brand and hopefully we can get more specific about it working without a load of work to it. Many of the aluminum trailers do not have clamps to the side rails and have the side rails bent way too far back. This makes them non -adjustable. This is not always the case with galvanized ones though.
  4. Cetol over epoxy?

    I have no idea where you got that from. But I have never heard of that. Plus there are some exceptions with certain brands of varnish actually drying and curing over the wide variety of epoxy brands, even when its cured and sanded. So I would not advice you to try that, unless you experiment with it on some scrap wood.
  5. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    My 02 cents worth, FWIW Hi All- More questions for the Bluejacket Brain Trust. Time for me to find a fuel tank for my OB26 build. Going back and forth on plastic vs aluminum, which I am sure some of you have done as well. I am familiar with the potential for odors from plastic and possible corrosion from aluminum. Any input from your experience including tips on venting the tank space would be greatly appreciated. Most people do not vent the fuel tank coffins. If you have gas smells in that area, then you will have a problem of safety. The leaching is bothersome with the plastics. But reports are that most of the issues have been cured, or so says the so called experts. But I still have a real problem with the expansion and contraction issues. But one big issue that I do know about is that in small spaces and areas of limited room where there is some build up of heat, over a period of time the changes of shape of the plastic tanks can cause the fuel gauge screws to release and leaks of raw fuel can occur. I am likely to use either a Yamaha or Suzuki 90 for power. I am wondering if anybody can give dimensions on the depth of the splashwell needed for these motors? Any input on preference for either brand? The best choice of outboard is one that you can get serviced locally. See if you can get some imput from other customers of any and all dealers in your area that you intend on buying from. See if they have had any warranty issues and how did the dealer respond to them. With cable steering or the NFB steering units, if you go that route, 33” is what I use. But you can also make your well width smaller and create a pocket on the port side in line with the cable steering end to stick in on a hard right turn. I don’t know what Graham drew on the plans, or if he gave you a size. With the 25 inch shaft, your motor well pocket can be higher. This is a trial and error deal unless of course you create a template. If you plan on using the manual locking arm with the engine up, you will need to have the well lower. Build or buy pilot house windows? I know some have had issues with home built windows leaking and being noisy. Your thoughts and experience would be helpful. Buying the windows is an expensive direction. They are also heavy from making your own, where weight is a consideration. Personally I don't like the look in these types of boats. When making your own be patient with the steps. Install copper tubing flared at the ends and enlay the tubes in thickened epoxy in an oversized hole drilled in the cabin sides. Then tab over the tube after you grind it flush. You can use starboard for your track too. But metal track is avaliable, but can corrode over time. So install them in a decent caulk and without screws and you will have less problems then when salt has a raw edge of the screw holes in which to begin to corrode and pucker up the metal. Is there a support group for guys that have trouble painting over wood? I spent years in the tropics aboard my sailboat chasing brightwork maintenance. Actually my wife took care of that end of things until we painted over the wood (ouch). Now, in British Columbia and fully intending not to have bright work on this boat, my hands are quivering at the thought of painting over the beautiful Occume cabin sides. Coatings have gotten better, less sun are the rationalization I am using. Anybody want to talk me off of this cliff? Anybody else want to discuss this affliction? Confidentiality assured:). Thanks again for the help!! Cheers, Ken
  6. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Okay, jump. ;<}} Occume is not what I know as a durable veneer without glassing at the least. While it may be fine for small stuff, overtime unless you glass it you may see some serious problems with it. It has a tenancy to check for starters, longiitual lines even under paint. And if you glass it you will need to do multiple coats on it and then sand a fair amount before applying a UV resistant finish. So all your seams and related joints needs to have different fillers in the building stage, unless of course you have achieved your furniture building skills when building the hull. If not you will get yellowing. Now there are some special coatings hardener that reduces some of this. More later
  7. Fuel Tanks, Splash well, Windows...

    Folks can write a book on your inquiry. I will summarize on a couple of things, as I have just finished locking things in, and will attempt to create a short and concise answer relating to my opinions and needs later on this evening. Quick question though, are you planning on using a 20 or 25 inch shaft engine? Oh don't be foolish. Paint your exterior and trim out with some lipstick if you desire showy wood.
  8. Outer Banks 26 #1

    You can rest assure that the original design was a botched attempt at a boat. You can also rest assure that if that designer and designer had a tiny bit of street crude that you would be seeing his boats being promoted across the net by proud homebuilders. Yet that is not the case. The one start up builder that got drawn into the hype never did finish the larger hull because of all of the design flaws. The smaller flats boats are no where to be seen on the waters either, after all of the issues of submarining when put on the water. The saving grace right now in the area of performance is that the boat was loaded and weighed way aft, especially with an oversized set of engines hanging off an unsupported bracket. The teak alone that he added in the cockpit area coupled with enough framing as its substrate, also drawn in the plans created a boat that weighs hundreds if not a thousand of lbs. more than what is needed. We talked him out of a hard top too. I can go on and on. But fortunately he was active duty while building and away from the project enough that he did have more than enough time to digest his build with the help of a half dozen others after some of the latent defects in the concept designs came to light. His own quest for quality helped create one heck of a head turner for sure.
  9. An other OC20 build !!

    One way or the other, you will need to fair that hull, which has some curves on it. The bottom not so much.. Its one thing if you think you can get by with one layer that will create a fair surface. But the notch method saves you a load of work when doing your initial fairing, along with materials. Then when you go back and apply the second layer onto the notch layer and then sand, the notch layer will actually show if you down thru the new layer and tell you how deep you have gone and if you end up with some low or high spots.
  10. When will this wind ever quit? We were out today and spotted what looks like the 20 footer. They were tacking their way out towards the inlet, but not sure how far they managed to make it .
  11. Ocracoke 256 #3

    Thanks for the continued updates.
  12. I would take the time and drive down and visit Graham at his place in Vandemere. He has his own 20 sitting on a trailer and maybe you can get a better feel of the boat's size for you and your family. It may be that you will need to step up to the 24 for four people down the road. Remember the kids will be growing as you build and complete your hull. And as it relates to the ride,, well its hard to have a low hp. hull and the deep vee bottom that's on many of the fishing style hulls. A leisurely cruising style hull is used a bit differently, which is what I consider these types hulls to be
  13. I see that you are up in the cold country. This is yet another reason for being mindful about having a tank that's a lot more than you may need on a bad day. Do you have any non-ethanol gas up your way? If not make sure that you are mindful about draining your tank before you put the boat up for the winter, IMO. We use the gas in our vehicles when buying the ethanol stuff, even though we have the good stuff available. If not stale ethanol gas turns to jelly in a tank that's stored for a long while. After using the 60 hp Honda, they do recommend burning non-ethanol gas. If you have at least the premium octane gas, buy that anyway.
  14. What is the deal with that

    I figured that you had been in some ground elements in the ditch, but was not sure if you were part of the "survivalists crew". Thanks, we noticed you were in the creek rowing with the incoming tide east bound too, and you had some space between us before we could launch our stink boat and catch up with you. Nice looking build you have there too...
  15. I don't know how far you plan on running with this boat. But I can tell you that I have run a 40 Suzuki with a 6 gallon fuel tank for hundreds of hours without a problem. Of course I do a lot of fishing in the course of the day, which does reduce the total fuel burn for a day. So an 18 gallon tank in my opinion is a lot. As far as a trailer, unless your boat is overloaded with weight in your materials, a 3.500 rated trailer should be fine. They normally come with the 13 inch tires. You can step up to the aluminum trailers that will have the 14 inch tires and will be rated a bit more, depending on the brand.