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  1. An other OC20 build !!

    One way or the other, you will need to fair that hull, which has some curves on it. The bottom not so much.. Its one thing if you think you can get by with one layer that will create a fair surface. But the notch method saves you a load of work when doing your initial fairing, along with materials. Then when you go back and apply the second layer onto the notch layer and then sand, the notch layer will actually show if you down thru the new layer and tell you how deep you have gone and if you end up with some low or high spots.
  2. When will this wind ever quit? We were out today and spotted what looks like the 20 footer. They were tacking their way out towards the inlet, but not sure how far they managed to make it .
  3. Ocracoke 256 #3

    Thanks for the continued updates.
  4. I would take the time and drive down and visit Graham at his place in Vandemere. He has his own 20 sitting on a trailer and maybe you can get a better feel of the boat's size for you and your family. It may be that you will need to step up to the 24 for four people down the road. Remember the kids will be growing as you build and complete your hull. And as it relates to the ride,, well its hard to have a low hp. hull and the deep vee bottom that's on many of the fishing style hulls. A leisurely cruising style hull is used a bit differently, which is what I consider these types hulls to be
  5. I see that you are up in the cold country. This is yet another reason for being mindful about having a tank that's a lot more than you may need on a bad day. Do you have any non-ethanol gas up your way? If not make sure that you are mindful about draining your tank before you put the boat up for the winter, IMO. We use the gas in our vehicles when buying the ethanol stuff, even though we have the good stuff available. If not stale ethanol gas turns to jelly in a tank that's stored for a long while. After using the 60 hp Honda, they do recommend burning non-ethanol gas. If you have at least the premium octane gas, buy that anyway.
  6. What is the deal with that

    I figured that you had been in some ground elements in the ditch, but was not sure if you were part of the "survivalists crew". Thanks, we noticed you were in the creek rowing with the incoming tide east bound too, and you had some space between us before we could launch our stink boat and catch up with you. Nice looking build you have there too...
  7. I don't know how far you plan on running with this boat. But I can tell you that I have run a 40 Suzuki with a 6 gallon fuel tank for hundreds of hours without a problem. Of course I do a lot of fishing in the course of the day, which does reduce the total fuel burn for a day. So an 18 gallon tank in my opinion is a lot. As far as a trailer, unless your boat is overloaded with weight in your materials, a 3.500 rated trailer should be fine. They normally come with the 13 inch tires. You can step up to the aluminum trailers that will have the 14 inch tires and will be rated a bit more, depending on the brand.
  8. What is the deal with that

    I saw a green hull today sailing off of Harkers Island and stopped briefly to talk to them. The boat has a bunch of mud on the side of it and was headed east bound to Core Sound. I think the name was Half Fast? For sure the winds has been mighty stiff.
  9. Ocracoke 256 #3

    I cannot speak for the new G10 tube epoxy. But FWIW in a previous life we used to use 404 West System filler in an epoxy mix for shims or wedges for big boat strut alignment, where it was under a lot of stress and never personally say a problem with it. So you could probably do your filling of the drilled out voids , say three inches wide by one inch or so with that. I don't think targeted tubes of any materials will do what you are attempting to do, since the loading is not spread across a larger area. Short of filling, a plate across the bolt pattern on the inside has always worked really well. I have also used layers of thickened glass to fill over sized holes too with success in plywood laminates.
  10. Ocracoke 256 #3

    Thanks for the updates. I am still peeking over your shoulder. The finished product should be a mini yacht, with the direction that you are headed. I may have missed it. What engine are you planning?
  11. Sharpening Chine and Transom edges?

    My speed is defined by SWMBO's comfort level. Whether the boat exceeds that level, I have never given a thought about that one. As it relates to efficiency, well the key is how on top of the water your boat runs. This is where I may differ from a lot of people. I am a big fan of external chine strakes, which does help with increasing speeds for the same setup and power, working with the reverse strakes more than just sharp chine edges .
  12. Cost of Building Your Bluejacket?

    FWIW and anyone looking into a future build, with my E Bond I average out with shipping about 33 to 34 bucks a gallon in six gallon kits. The five gallon kits, two resin and one hardener saves me about one dollar a gallon. But that has to be shipped common carrier to a commercial address.
  13. Bluejacket's a winner!

    Good job,
  14. Cost of Building Your Bluejacket?

    I think Tom has a materials list that you can figure out your costs of the raw materials. I can tell you that the hull is pretty reasonable by comparison to build for what you end up with. . Its the lipstick , "high heels, tuxedos, and panty hose" that gets you. Don't forget the KISS direction and you will not be that bad off. I am not a person of fancy means, and if I can afford a facsimile , then you should be just fine, other than living in one of the most expensive states in the country, California. And the epoxy resin if bought from one outlet, E Bond will save you over half the price from most all other big named guys.
  15. Ocracoke 256 #3

    That's a lot of work and rework that you are doing. Hopefully you will get it completed in short order so that you can hit the water this year.