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  1. You got that right. He could take a simple "Yes" and turn it into a chapter for some editorial in the newspaper. I remember the time when he pinned an editorial rebuttal to one of his favorite targets after he ran for office in what he considered to be the :wrong party" you know. hehe
  2. What a shame, way too young.... He was a hard working fellow that was just coming into his own with his second life's dream, operating his own boat shop. We are surely going to miss him and his brand of passive"opinions" too. LOL My tagline says it all for sure. Thanks Jay for providing this thread.
  3. Wow, that sounds great that you are still enjoying the outdoors afloat. I am working on two boats right now, and trying to get on the water when the weather allows for us to do so too. .
  4. That's to cool CJ. Its also nice to see you still out and about.
  5. Did you have any finished pictures with the final paint and hardware on it? I may have missed it. But where did it go? We sure would like to see it in person and maybe some running shots too. TIA
  6. Thanks for that report back. Honda does not have a good selection of wheels. And with these hulls that normally weight less than like sizes in the production market, its hard to get them wheeled correctly these days.
  7. Thanks, I have a 100 V-Tec that I plan on using, unless I sell it. And with that and your finished rigged weight, this may give me something to start with. I now have two wheels, one is a 13.25 x 17 and one that's on it now and on a smaller skiff with a 13.50 x 15. Its under wheeled and turns up too much. But it may work out with the larger boat.
  8. Do you know your prop size on the 90? TIA
  9. I have always heard that if you are on some sort of time frame, don't go by boat. I think he is already where he wants to be, on the boat and underway with this epic journey in the dead of winter. I remember last year when he just wandered around the southern end of the race appearing to be in no real hurry.
  10. And I second that! Thanks Frank, even though I rarely add much, just read and enjoy.
  11. Choosing an outboard brand can depend on what is being sold and serviced in your region, or the region that you plan to use the boat most of the time. If I was to be building that boat I would look at the 90 hp. Suzuki at the least. They are quiet and smooth and efficient at the mid ranges by comparison to the well known Yamaha. I have a 90 Yamaha four stroke and have owned the 90 Suzuki and will say that the Suzuki had a lot more low end gusto to me than the 90 has for a similar weighted boat. The gear case on the Suzuki is 2.42 while the Yamaha is now rated at 2.27.
  12. Your boat looks good in the raw. As far as your topcoat paints, well that really depends on how fair and smooth your surface ends up being. Your surely don't want two part high gloss paints on a surface that's not been rubbed and finessed several times after a lot of priming. As it pertains to bottom paint, well I like the Interlux Ultra, a hard bottom paint. This works great for a trailer or lift stored boat. And under normal conditions I get a couple years from the stuff. Use Interprotect 2000 under your bottom paint. This helps fair it too, but be warned that the stuff is super hard to sand when left a week or more. So get the surface mostly smooth before applying. And the Interprotect has a extended working time for over coating in months without sanding. And fair your hull sides as much as you can before your flip your hull. Its much easier that way.
  13. Thanks for adding the update shots. You have a lot going on.
  14. Good looking boat, And this construction is a lot less work from the T&G methods. What type of wood is stickered off to the side?
  15. Today I learned that a portion of 117 had water across the highway. whether this will be a problem or to what extent it is, I don't know even after attempts to find out thru the state web page. So maybe coming down 17 from the north may be an alternative.