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  1. Calling our Gulf coast friends...

    Steve, thanks for the offer of help. We finally managed to get all the trees cut up and hauled to the road for FEMA pickup. I left the one that landed on the boat until last out of fear of what I would find. Luckily, the shed over the boat absorbed most of the impact and Nokoni will be repairable. Thanks again for the offer. Dave (Cap'n Trey)
  2. Calling our Gulf coast friends...

    Hey Jim, We made it through the storm okay, with just some roof damage and lots of trees down. One big ole pecan tree landed on Nokoni's bow but it looks like the shed took most of the blow and she will be repairable. I tried to reply to you email but my reply kept coming back as undeliverable (sent it to the personal email address you sent). It looks like the damage to the boat will just add more delay to an already delayed project. Thanks for checking up on me! Cap'n Trey (Dave)
  3. Hurricane Blues

    Well I just got power back at 10 AM today. Luckily not too much damage, Nokoni is full of water, shed roof above her took a little damage lost a few trees but we made it through better than I had expected. Craig was right the little shift eastward just before landfall saved my butt. Hate it for those east of me, but glad to hear Craig came through the storm as well.
  4. Hurricane Blues

    Hey Craig, It looks like it is going to come right in my front yard! I am 6 miles north of the Gulf and at 110' ABSL so I'm not too worried about the storm surge, just those 140 mph winds. Lots of big Pecan trees around the house and shop, Fredrick blew down 19 eighty year old pecan trees back in '79, I hope this one does not take the rest. especially the great big one right next to the shop where Nokoni is drydocked while being reconfigured. Keep your fingers crossed.
  5. Hurricane Blues

    At least Fredrick's brother (1979) if not the big girl of 69. Ivan is holding basicly the same course as Fredrick with like wind speeds, so I am expecting it to be a least as bad as Freddy. We rode out Fredrick, a Cat 4 storm with 145 mph winds, lots of damage but we survived, with luck we will do the same with Ivan.
  6. Hurricane Blues

    It looks like Ole Ivan wants to come to Mobile Bay! We are forted up, now we wait and see. . .
  7. New on messing ...

    I like the new format it looks great, keep up the good work Frank
  8. Boat names

    Nokoni comes from a Native American Word which means Wanderer.
  9. Tall Ships coming to RI

    Thats too bad . . . it is a sight to see, I was lucky enough to sail my weekender on Mobile Bay with the Tallships back in July 2002. It was a most enjoyable experience! Cap'n Trey
  10. Nokoni conversion up date

    It looks like Nokoni won't be ready in time to take part in the battle reenactment of the Battle of Mobile Bay. Health and finances limited the amount of work I'm able to do and as always I keep expanding the project as I go along. I finally completed carving a figurehead and have attached a picture for those interested. Cap'n Trey [attachment over 4 years old deleted by admin]
  11. An interesting electric motor option

    Nokoni has a 54 lb electric in a well that retracts completly out of the water into the well. See detail drawing in this post http://www.messing-about.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1820&highlight=weekender+schooner
  12. glued up

    Nice job
  13. Hey guys, it's Valentines Day.

    My wonderful lady. . . Well, I sent her one of those E-Cards :oops: Dave
  14. Repeat after me

    Me . . . I never stop building :wink: and I was never cute . . . .