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  1. Passed through Port Aransas a few weeks ago, and stopped by even though the festival had to be canceled as there weren't enough hotels open yet to accommodate visitors. Visited Farley boat works and dropped off a large box of "spare parts" for them to use in their building programs. They were replacing motors on their power tools as they had a few feet of water IN the boat shop during Harvey. Some buildings were totaled, and one of those very large multi story "storage racks" for power boats was completely crumpled with all of the boats still inside..... Kept rolling onward and in spite of a few technical/political issues (I had to cross the border at Tecate a total of FOUR times as they didn't SEE Petunia behind my explorer and made me go across the border again, this time sort of backwards....) Finally got through and then had an ugly 2 day drive down the Baja peninsula as the main/only highway was heavily pock marked with large,deep pot holes from their hurricane , Lidia, in September. Numerous blow outs on the side of the road all the way down. And while many of the speed bumps on the highway are marked by signs, more than a few were not, and at times I had all six wheels (explorer/trailer) airborne at the same time. Got into Loreto Thursday evening exactly 4,000 miles from NJ. Dropped Petunia off at a storage yard, unpacked the car, and had a few friends shanghai me to a deserted beach/bay 40 kilometers out of town. Kayaked remote arroyos at high tide, snorkeled around weird cactus crowned islands, and slept on the beach for a blazing full moon. Will spend the next few days doing minor repairs to Petunia (cockpit fittings vibrated on the bumpy road so much that screws/nuts/bolts worked their way loose...), and then see about doing some sailing. More to follow....
  2. Is anyone planning to attend the Port Aransas,TX Wooden Boat festival at the end of the month? http://www.portaransasplywoodenboatfestival.org/index.htm "Petunia" and I are going to stop by for the full three days and become one of the "boats on display" . They took a MAJOR hit from Harvey so this event is one of the first stages in the rebuilding process. Local hotels are slowly reopening, and in the next 3-4 weeks I think they'll be able to host everyone interested in seeing the local fleet. Hope to see some more B & B boats in Texas.... After Port Aransas Petunia and I are going to keep heading West, and then South for awhile until we get down to Southern Baja, Mexico....I've sold my house, packed everything into a storage locker, got a new trailer (insurance covered the total loss on the last one), put a rebuilt engine into my towing vehicle, and I'm now in the process of stuffing gear,clothes, boat stuff inside of her for what I am guessing will be close to a 4,000 mile trip. The "plan" (I'm getting too old for plans...) is to spend the Winter sailing the Sea of Cortez and off shore islands. After a number of "exploratory visits" to the area this past Winter I am really looking forward to a place with over a thousand miles of beachable coastline where you might not see another boat for a long time. I'm taking down some Duckworks gear for "testing" , I have ideas for a few more "modifications"to try out, and I have friends in the area who have run Eco tours for 35 years so I am really excited about finally getting a chance to sail the coast. If anyone happens to be in the area between Nov 1-May 1 and wants to go sailing, drop me a note.... Bill Palumbo AKA "Docpal"
  3. 2.5 HP Suzuki

    Don, It's held up very well through a few seasons so far. And that's including some time before I had the "kick up option" working so we etched the bottom of Florida Bay with the 'Zuki a number of times, and the torque/strain never affected the bracket. Easy to install and might even become a nice 'platform' down the line for a wind vane..... While it IS removable I plan to have someone at least tack weld it to the transom bolts as it's ONLY 'flaw' is the fact that while I could easily lock the 'Zuki to the bracket, anyone could currently just remove the cotter pin from the lowest pintle and take the entire bracket with the "locked motor" attached to it. I don't hang the motor on the bracket for long transports, but I want to have this all prepped/secure before I cross the border., because I'm currently in the process of selling my house while Petunia and I slowly migrate South West this October and eventually wind up in Southern Baja, Mexico by November to Winter down there. LOTS of "field tests" coming up of some gear I'm dragging down there as well as some local techniques for remote beach landings. More to follow in later posts...
  4. 2.5 HP Suzuki

    Don, I ran into similar issues so I just notched the transom and got the removable auxiliary mount from Duckworks. I can turn my Suzuki 360 degrees easily.
  5. Next time someone asks you why you sail in such a small boat show them THIS- http://www.yachtingworld.com/extraordinary-boats/undaunted-the-42-inch-yacht-still-hoping-to-become-the-smallest-boat-ever-to-cross-the-atlantic-107559
  6. Trailer for Core Sound 17

    Having owned a Load Rite 16 trailer for the past few years I can say that it's been the perfect size for launching Petunia without much more fuss than adjusting the bunks angle from it's traveling position (aft ends of bunks raised to conform better to the hull shape), to a simple slide off when the bunks are lowered. One thing I did find this past weekend was that the tongue/trailer jack seem to be the most susceptible while storing the boat. I had a call from the marina last week in which they told me "you might want to come over here, it appears that someone has run over your trailer..." SO obviously I did and found that "apparently" a commercial trucking company was moving a large boat from the travel lift to a storage position and they clipped the tongue/jack of the trailer, (see pix). Boat seems unscathed, but the masts now both have a slight tweak and I'm wondering if a little whip lash activity could have been the culprit. I had to laugh when the insurance adjuster asked which repair shop I might want to take the masts to for a look, since most shops would look at the carbon fiber wraps, and wooden plug at the mast head before telling me it was a "custom job". Long story short, NO witnesses, therefore it's considered a "hit and run"by the police. Boat US insurance ( now really Geico) will pay for a replacement trailer as the Load Rite distributor came and "totaled" the trailer saying the frame is out of alignment, etc. and Petunia and I have a looooong road trip coming up in the Fall (more to follow on that one...). In short, a good trailer makes much of what we want to do with our boats possible.
  7. Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Blkskmr, Thanks for the compass info, it looks like a great addition...
  8. Core Sound 17 Mkiii hull 6: Avocet

    Blkskmr, What brand of digital compass is that?
  9. Carlita's new adventure

    She is almost a schooner at this point, great recovery !!!
  10. Carlita's new adventure

    Latest posting on FB shows them working on a jury rig- https://www.facebook.com/pcolaboy/videos/pcb.1184570241661422/1566714233371329/?type=3&theater
  11. Carlita's new adventure

    In looking at the latest Water Tribe tracking map it appears that they have given the Core Sound 17 and Core Sound 20 the distinction of having their OWN classes?
  12. Core Sound 17 keel maintenance

    I think I posted this link years ago while building Petunia, but US composites has Kevlar tape in various widths, and it wasn't very expensive by the foot. I used it on all of my chines, bow, rudder, and center board. Took some epoxy to fill the weave, but it takes curves nicely it's pretty tough stuff - http://www.uscomposites.com/kevlar.html
  13. Flying a CS 17

    This is what a CS 17 looks like hanging in the slings of a 20 ton travel lift. My yard does have a ramp so we slung her, hung her, and brung her to the trailer. In the process we saw something unusual: there was something hanging FROM the keel as we hauled her and upon closer inspection apparently the 'Slot Seal' I had Sikaflexed to the hull came loose rather recently judging by the lack of growth in the formerly covered areas. I had installed it as a sort of after thought back in the Spring, and to add to the experiment I painted the strip,and the areas around it with a water based bottom paint as a test. The results were mixed: looking at the third picture you can see the Slot Seal still attached to the hull with a small epoxied patch.ON it , and the surrounding red/pink painted areas (water based bottom paint0 you can see some healthy and presumably ORGANIC barnacles. While on the leading edge of the board there were NO barnacles at all,compared to last year's bumper crop (which was WHY I tried the slot seal). Not sure if the glop gave up because it was immersed under water for 4 months, whether the marina waters have solvents/petro in them (fuel dock),or whether they loosened from sailing. I had let the Sika cure for 4 days before launching, maybe not enough?
  14. CS 17 323 Launched

    Nice find Phil ! They look like a great solution to a constant issue...http://www.clamcleat.com/cleats/cleat_details.asp?theid2=119 Thanks!
  15. Oar length