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  2. George, We're all anxious to see the big reveal to be sure! However while I certainly appreciate you posting any pictures of the boat here for continuity of this thread, I for one don't care to read anything here that would bash Chris as a person or his business. I infer and assume that you were not happy with his services but that is between you and him and not relevant here in my opinion of course. I think most importantly, the record of pictures here on this thread adds a lot of value to your boat which I truly hope you are proud to own despite any bumps in the road you've had with Chris. Anyone here can see the details, materials and workmanship that was involved. I hope to see the boat in person some day soon. Sincerely and with respect -Alan
  3. Walt, I don't think you'll have any issues whatsoever with a 1/4" gap fore and aft. I think in fact it is desirable because it just makes it easier to put the board in and take it out. Close tolerances are the enemy with centerboards and hatches because they always seem to jam.
  4. Team B&B: Stewart Division headed down to Florida this AM. Quite the double stack weve got rigged. Southern skimmer and a Sea Tango double kayak.
  5. Im Guessing that must be La Perla built by Philip Garland. Sailed by him and Dan Neri in 2013 EC. Here's an album of the boat as it was on the beach in 2013. They came in right behind us and we were neck and neck all the way to Flamingo that year. The turbo was for the extra sail area of the custom square top sails and addition of small jib and spinnaker. Mizzen mast was overbuilt and they could actually trapeze off of it.
  6. Steve, short answer is yes trim them 1/4". we changed the fwd bulkhead and hanging knees in the kit to go all the way across from one side to the other with notching for the deck beams after we realized it made it a lot easier to ensure the hull maintained the correct beam at the knees. -Alan
  7. Amos, Great Pics the boat is looking awesome. Also, jealous of your shop space. -Alan
  8. Taylor and I started work refinishing Dawn Patrol (a Core Sound 20 with a homemade cabin) for my Dad to repay him for buying us plane tickets to Hawaii to visit my Grandmother and Aunt over Christmas holiday. We planned to use Dawn Patrol in the EC this year (nicely re-painted) but it turned into too big a job to finish in time so we decided to use the EC22 this year. Once I/we finish re-finishing Dawn Patrol then Taylor and I will be back at it on our Core Sound 20 Mark 3! My Dad and Mom want to sell their Core Sound 20 and possibly build a CS-20 Mark 3 like Taylor and I. I got my Dad a set of plans for the 20 Mk3 for Christmas.
  9. This just in. An update from Graham. Graham reported that he has completed his field testing of the boat and saw no reason to continue sailing south. Well....ok actually he decided that he could do the most good by stopping his trip south in the bitter cold and headwinds and return to the shop to replace the lost part of the wind-vane (and fix it so it can't vibrate loose again) and also finish sewing his spray dodger. Thus far, Graham's trip has been the most extensive testing of a B&B race boat prior to the Everglades Challenge. Well done I say! His Track did not show up today but his current location is back in the vacinity of the Linehouse Landing Boatramp where his picture was taken on wed. He has already made plans for hauling the boat and returning to Vandemere tomorrow.
  10. This just in, Graham has had a setback. While motoring, the drag link that connects his windvane to the auxiliary rudder must have vibrated off and was lost. He has materials on board to effect a temporary replacement and get it working. But...he fears that having lost yesterday, he is very close to simply not having enough time to make it to the start line and does not want to flog his poor little outboard to death. Yesterday Graham found himself at anchor unable to make progress under sail due to extremely high winds. He was also high and dry at low tide during the latter half of the day which left him stranded from even trying. UUgh! Today he had decided to sail to a boat ramp about 2 miles away to the west and ride his folding bike (or bum a ride) to the gas station about 2.5 miles down the road. There he can refill on gas. He is leaning toward stopping his trip and chocking it up to excellent field testing of the boat and returning home to make replacements for the wind vane and it would also give him time to finish sewing his spray dodger which he says he now has some great ideas for. No matter what he decides to do, he can of course still sail his boat back home from the Everglades Challenge. More when I have it.
  11. Graham reported very strong headwinds this AM and he just ran out of his 2 gal of fuel. He's still about 2 miles from a bridge where he could turn more west and south but at the moment he's riding out the strongest of the NW wind at anchor wishing he had gone a couple extra miles yesterday which would have put him over the hump and into the South Edisto River. "Too much wind to carry sail right now" and "Taking spray over the deck this morning while at anchor" he reported. I guess there wasn't much protection where he anchored. The current windytv forecast for his location shows gusts to 42knots dead on the nose. Not letting up much till this evening.,-80.283,12
  12. The farther south he gets the warmer and nicer it will be on the outside. Lower temp and contrary wind of course have kept him in the waterway thus far. He has no plans to go outside but I'm sure he is watching the winds and temp closely to see if he has a bout of fair wind and calm seas that he could do a longer run and make use of that windvane.
  13. Just heard from Graham. Bucking the current most of the day but made a solid 40.6 statute miles today. Almost out of gas and about to head into estuary reserve land he's planning to just take what comes and refuel in Beaufort (about 35 statues miles away by ICW). He has been impressed how the little outboard provides a nice little push even when running at idle to make it through a pinch or to round a corner under sail. He commented that his stove was acting up using propane so not a temp issue (he's only been using propane thus far) the stove is dual fuel and Graham has both butane and propane canisters on board. Another fellow watertriber Shawn AKA Lawless met Graham on a dock somewhere and they had a friendly but brief exchange. His post below copied from the Watertribe Facebook group. Shawn Payment He just passed by my house on the Stono River, west of Charleston, SC. I offered him a hot shower and/or a meal but he said that he "had a long way to go!" and motored on! He said he would see me in St. Pete!
  14. Instructions for what Stjoeguy said are on the B&B website under "learn more about the race" also copied below. The Chief is holding the watertribe tracking map open for Graham and others and to our benefit! The Watertribe website includes a “tracking map” where the entrants can be tracked. All participants are required to carry a SPOT satellite Tracking unit.-Select EC2017 for the event.-Select “class 4” for small sailboats to see how Graham and Alan are doing against similar boats or all to see everyone.-Graham’s “tribe-name” is ROO. Alan’s “tribe-name” is SOS.-Click on “regenerate view”
  15. Hey Will, Sorry about the collars and the grinding. As you've discovered, the telescope sections of the CS 17 masts use a lower tube that is 2.5" OD with an 1/8" wall thickness and the next tube is 2.25" OD meaning that they are a slip fit. We make sure every CS 17 mast kit fits together before we send them out because of this. Due to manufacturing tolerances in the drawn tubes they are not all that round from a micrometers point of view and sometimes the sections fall right in and sometimes we have to increase the ID of the lower tube and then we mark that end as "top" for assembly. It's important to inrease the ID of the larger tube and NOT take material off the smaller tube because where the smaller tube joins the larger is the point of maximum bending moment on the smaller tube. If you sand down the small tube to fit you're just making a weak point weaker. The larger tube is much larger and stronger than necessary at that point on the mast so we always take material from the inside of it to make the two fit together. To increase the ID of the lower tube, the elbow grease method is to just use rough sandpaper on a dowel. Initially the sandpaper scratches actually REDUCE the ID so it's important to go back in with some 150 or 220 to smooth it back down for test fitting. A cylindrical flap wheel on a drill with an extension would work as well. We came up with using a cylinder hone but with the honing stones replaced with carbide scrapers that take off a good amount of material and speed up the process but it's still a chore and sometimes it chatters.