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  1. I was not thinking of a bribe, but rather that you are on the way to someplace they like to go, thus stopping at your place makes it convenient for them to have an excuse to visit where they really want to be. Something along those lines is what I was pondering.
  2. I wonder if there is a restaurant or bar near you that they like to frequent for TGIF?
  3. Too bad Charlie. Maybe in the shop?
  4. Charlie, that is a really good picture. It would look good in a frame on your wall.
  5. This looks like details made with a CNC for a wood puzzle....WOW. Really cool looking.
  6. I have never used the Anderson Bailer while sailing, rather only while towing which is with the center board completely up or out. The bailer is installed on the port side near the aft end of the well.
  7. There is just the one sheet in the plan set for the sail plan. Is that all a sail maker needs?
  8. That is where Graham said to install it. He has some installation pictures and instructions too.
  9. I have an Anderson Bailer, purchased from B&B, installed very close to the center board well on my Spindrift 12. It works great until something like leaves, twigs, or acorns clog it up (typical of any boat drain). I too forgot to make sure it was open, then heavy snow deformed the tarp into a huge pocket, then it melted and I could tell what was happening, but by that time the boat had about a foot of water in it. It did not sit all winter this way as the tarp only failed due to a hole created as I was trying to get the snow and melt out. I did not know the drain was closed. Have I mentioned that I really hate working in icy cold water?
  10. I sent an email to B&B several days ago asking what a sail suite for the PS26 would cost and have not heard back from them yet. I would prefer purchasing them too.
  11. Bob, Thanks for the insights and advice. Very good to know info. I wish Sailrite had a kit for the PS26.
  12. Howard, I decided I did not like the aluminum mast that I was using on my Spindrift and will make a wood mast for her. I also plan to convert her to a Cat configuration and a keel stepped mast instead of the sloop rig on her currently. This will get rid of the stays and shrouds too and make for a better mast. How much does your Spindrift mast weigh and what did you make it from? Thanks.
  13. Norman, tell me more about this please? Where did you get the materials and sail plans? Thanks.
  14. Hi Joel, Wow, another year gone by. I came very close to building a Weekender, bought the plan set, then decided I wanted something bigger. I am planning to build a Princess Sharpie 26 if I can swing the resources and funding. If I am not being too nosy, why haven't your been sailing your Weekender?
  15. That is exactly the same problem I had while stepping the mast on my Catalina and also on the Laguna. I did learn to raise using a block on the bow and line and using that to hold the mast while inserting the bolt into the tabernacle.