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  1. Stevensons project

    List, Today I finally got my Weekender DVD and plans. Thanks to all for getting word to them. It' nice to know I wasn't "taken", and even nicer to know I can get started on my boat! They called saturday and said they never had record of the sale to me. Some things do work out, in the end. Thanks again, Jim
  2. Stevensons project

    Mike and others, Thanks for your help. I Hope it is a glitch in communications with Stevenson Projects and I will get the plans and DVDs soon. It's not the money; $87.00 won't break the bank, but I'm anxious to start building! It's good to have a forum like this. If any of you do have a better way to forward my message to them please do! Sounds like they're good people... Jim
  3. Stevensons project

    Can anyone tell me what has happened to the Stevensons Project? I ordered plans and DVDs for the Weekender in March and haven't heard a thing! I've emailed them many times with no reponse. I really want to get started on my boat... Thanks, Jim