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  1. Plans

    Not sure what you mean by this- the English is a little confused-Peter HK Every year there are a few Aussies in town for the Bath Tub Race http://www.bathtub.island.net/history.php
  2. Plans

  3. Plans

    smaller and less expensive. The 22 looks wonderful and I am sure it will be a great boat. But I now am feeling the same way Tom feels, it is just too much effort to build such a large boat and impossible in my 18 foot garage. For about 3 years, I raced as crew on an F 24. It was great fun and I enjoyed it very much but got tired of racing. My nephew has an F 31 which was homebuilt of Duracore. I have cruised on it with him and had a lot of fun. It had a lot of room but much too big for me. It took us most of a day just to rig it. I am just completing my CS 17 and hope to have many pleasurable sails in it. I intend to just keep it simple and small. Dale I have been builing things for other people for 30 years. Displays store fixtures furniture etc. In that time I have made my self maybe three things. My wife said why don't you just buy one,it will take for ever to build. Nope I want to build it ...don't care how long it takes. Extended my garage 6' out the back to do it. I work at a plastic shop here in town. Suppliers and costumers have been coming out of the woodwork with deals on material Tom
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  5. Plans

    My plans arrived Let the Games Begin Tom McCaw F22 Sail # 45 Teachers Pet
  6. Plans

    I have been a lurker on this site for about seven years. I pop in every now and then to see what is going on. Well I finally did it! I ordered plans. But I jumped ship. What a mutiny you say