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  1. Princess Sharpie 28

    Peter, just wow. Beautiful boat, outstanding workmanship, and your description of the satisfaction of the initial sails captures that feeling so well. May you have many happy sails, and please take us along with your writing.
  2. B&B Messabout 2017

    Take the Columbus OH route, have a (giant, authentic) meal in the German Village historic district. I recommend Schweinshaxe. (the pork shank with crispy skin) Accompany with a Spaten Franziskaner or Paulaner Hefe-Weisse Dunkel (dark wheat beer, best on tap), and politely inform them that fruit is not welcome in your beer. Local accommodations may be wise as you plod along after the meal. It will inoculate you against any long-term damage Vienna sausages may impart upon your system. Go heavy on the Rotkohl for safety's sake. Then again, your'e from WI. You could freelance it! I am German, I know these things ;-)
  3. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    You made it to the First Scratch Incident! John Vigor wrote a humorous story about his "First Scratch Ceremony", in which he intentionally inflicts the first scratch to a boat so that future damage may be withstood with humor and dignity; of course, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty, is duly beseeched. http://johnvigor.blogspot.com/2011/10/first-scratch-ceremony.html You may now sail with humility and ease ;-) Nice boat, by the way!
  4. Ocracoke 256 #3

    Damn, is that *real* Sea Foam Green? Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning workmanship. Must keep wife from seeing this. Expectations must be managed ;-) Thank you for the inspiration.
  5. Core Sound 20 Mk 3 -- #4 "Chessie" . .

    Pete, congratulations! As you're obviously an engineer, I find your thought process logical and interesting.
  6. 256 pilot house?

    I understand the compromise, wondered where the tradeoff "tripline" occurred. Not to be a PITA, but what, very roughly, might be the penalty a 16° deadrise might cost over a 13° at, say, 20 kts in flat water, all else being equal (which it won't be)? Yeah, I need a good simulator. ;-)
  7. 256 pilot house?

    Alan, care to comment on the reasons and effects of the deadrise increase?
  8. Or you could just have beaten the crap out of it, assumed that cylinder #3 would fail around 30K miles (I think that was the one whose airflow was "disturbed" by the oil cooler (1971) ) and freshen it up with a new cylinder, piston, pushrod seals and a rebuilt head. My Dad and I got to the point we could drop the engine in 45 minutes, and complete the partial rebuild in an afternoon. I can only dream about such servicability with our current Eurovan MV Weekender. Or even just a manual transmission. Awesome progress with the boat. On to the next adventure! ;-)
  9. shop safety tricks

    I think SHART tools are usually found in the Depends aisle ;-)
  10. Core Sound 20 MKlll s/n 2

    Hey, and I'm an EE and didn't even think of the *diode* part. Most of my work's been sub 30nm. Reality loses its grip, and quantum effects start to get serious. ;-) In the immortal words of Homer Simpson - D'oh! Mike
  11. Core Sound 20 MKlll s/n 2

    Oh, so now the Chinese have appropriated the NASA brand... what could possibly go wrong? ;-) Not to be cynical, but have you ever encountered a Chinese product engineered to be anything other than cost-optimized? Also, how could a 3-conductor wire power a tricolor masthead light, unless you use the mast as your ground? I've had bad experiences with the conductivity of anodized (or any other) aluminum in corrosive, and even non-corrosive environments. Use 4 copper conductors, well tinned, to be safe.
  12. Core Sound 15 kit

    One other consideration on heel vs. efficiency is that as speed rises (presumably accompanied by increased heel) wave-making becomes the dominant factor in resistance vs. that of wetted surface area. The heeled hull shape becomes an important factor in the ultimate speed achieved.
  13. Core Sound 15 kit

    ... ...as the crowd raises their lighters and yells... "Freeboard!" ;-)
  14. fractured plywood bottom panel ..... help

    Chinese plywood, no?
  15. Arthur

    I know there are a fair number of you guys and gals around the N.Carolina coast, and just want to wish you well as you prepare for our first Atlantic storm event for the season. Be strong, be well, and be safe. Mike