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  1. What is the deal with that

    Alan you and Taylor must be made of some pretty fine stuff, with a boat to match. Do you have any photos, video?
  2. What is the deal with that

    Ken raised Southbound to be undeterred or maybe that is unperturbed by heavy weather. I am sure Ken will be pleased to know she was able to look after Alan and Taylor. This could add fuel to the debate concerning reefing by moving the mizzen to the third mast position.
  3. What is the deal with that

    Looking at the Watertribe site it appears like Alan and Taylor were the only ones to finish the North Carolina Challenge. Well congratulations. There must be a story here. I am unable to access the Watertribe discussion forum. Anyone know any details?
  4. Texas 200

    This looks like it could be a lot of fun. A Princess 22, a Belhaven 19, a Core Sound 17 mk3, a Core Sound 20 mk3, plus lots of other interesting boats. Have a great adventure.
  5. Centerboard trunk

    Thanks for the update. Good luck on the work. Photos and updates may help others deal with this problem or better yet avoid it. Marine Plywood is not necessarily rot resistant. Okoume has almost no natural resistance to rot. One of the keys to making plywood epoxy boats durable is keeping the water out. Ideally any penetration through the plywood for a fastner or whatever should be drilled oversize and filled with epoxy then redrilled so the fastner is going through an epoxy bushing. One very important place to do this is at the centerboard pin. The pin should be surrounded by an epoxy bushing 6mm or more thick so there is no way that water can get into the edge grain of the plywood.
  6. Centerboard trunk

    You mentioned that there was wear on the centerboard. If this is just from dragging on the bottom no problem. If this was from rubbing on the inside of the trunk then you probably have a matching amount of wear inside. Get a good light and see if you can see anything of the inside of the trunk. As Graham cautioned you might take a good poke all around the boat. There is a lot of willing expertise on the forum. If you have the time. I would bet you could do the repair.
  7. Many years ago my wife, son and I were sailing a canoe across Back Bay. We heard a splash and looked to see what appeared to be a Sea Monster. We saw a serpentine looking head followed in about 10 feet by a serpentine loop with no head or tail visible. On board there developed a spirited dispute among the crew as to whether we should pursue the Sea Monster and attempt to photograph it or flee in the opposite direction. We heard another splash and looked to see the same apparition. We had the camera ready and began pursuit. As we closed in the Sea Monster seemed to break in half and two river otters were looking at us.
  8. I have seen river otters in Back Bay and on the Virginia Barrier Islands. They are fun to watch. I don't think they mind the salt water a bit. Though I believe you will only find them in shallow water close to shore.
  9. Have a good weekend. Thanks for letting us follow along.
  10. Carlita's EC2017

    Thank you for relating the story of Nomadic and Rover coming to the assistance of a fellow boater. There are not many details, but they could not have known that someone desperately needed their help when they interrupted their plans to investigate an unusual flashing light. Nice lesson.
  11. Carlita's EC2017

    You could edit the word failed out of your report. What else do you need to do? I don't know. Matthew Flinders? In more serious answer to your question. You may wand to save the file as a PDF on you computer.
  12. Carlita's EC2017

  13. Carlita's new adventure

    That is not a dumb question, but one that is not easy to answer from in front of a computer. My guess would be too much wind and other issues. Every year there are competitors who do well in conditions that are too much for others. It seems to be a combination of crew experience, seaworthiness of the boat, and lady luck. Swimboy appears to be insight of Key Largo. I think you both deserve congratulations for a job well done. The following is a chart from data collected off of Naples, Fla. for this past week. Blue is wind speed in knots. I believe the red represents wind gusts.
  14. Carlita's new adventure

    Looks like Swimboy went 5 miles or so into the shallows of Florida Bay, then turned about and headed back west taking the longer deeper water route to Key Largo, following SOS and DWSB.
  15. Carlita's new adventure

    Dawn and Kristen have left Chokoloskee, but instead of staying on the inside route through the Wilderness Waterway they headed out into the Gulf. Nomadic is off the beach and headed around Cape Sable. Alan and Paul are headed back out of Flamingo heading the long way round avoiding the obstacles of Florida Bay. Swimboy checked into Flamingo and headed back out. However he appears to be heading into Florida Bay. The Bay is a shorter route but can be tricky to impossible depending on the conditions.